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3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Generation Sports Pitches Difference in Specification

Within the UK if you speak to contractors, suppliers and installers of astro turf synthetic sports surfaces then you will probably get a different response to this specification to what you would get from the leisure centre managers, headmasters or sports clubs. The reason being for this is because of the advertising and marketing reasons. Put yourself in the shoes of being a manager of a local soccer dome or sports club wanting to rent out your sports all weather courts to the public or to sports clubs within the UK. What makes your multi use games areas or sporting facility better than the other facilities down the road.

Your answer to this would be you want to either pay on the playing surface which is cheapest or if the same price which is better. If you was to choose between playing on a 3G football pitch surface and a 8G surface then you would automatically think the 8th generation would be better. Hence the reason of so many new sports pitch facilities being advertised as the latest 4th generation, 5th generation or even 6th generation pitch. When looking to have costs, prices and quotes on these surfaces then the first question you really ought to ask is who has accredited this pitch to be a 4G, 5G or 6G pitch because in general the main governing body will be FIFA, FA, IRB, RFU or IRB dependent on what type of facility you are looking for with rugby use, football use or hockey playing characteristics. If you would like any specifications, pricing or funding details on the construction of artificial sports pitches then please contact us on 01625 445760 or visit our website to send us a quick message gathering whatever information you require from case studies to product sheets

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