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Play Area Graphic Designs

The play area graphic designs we specialise in come in a whole host of different colours, patterns and markings with interactive characters and games that kids can enjoy. For wetpour rubber safety surfacing, the graphics are preformed and applied within the rest of the surface during the installation process. Wetpour safety surfaces are popular at schools and nurseries because the NBS specification is made up of an SBR base layer to absorb impact and an EPDM wearing course layer which gives the surface its colour. Play area graphic designs for this type of flooring can be created to meet bespoke requirements of each individual nursery, school or public recreational facility. Costs for each different surface type and design will change from project to project so please fill in our quick enquiry form to discuss quotes with a member of staff.


Our team will be more than happy to offer you more details regarding the play area graphic designs if required. Simply fill out the contact form provided and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Educational Play Designs

Outdoor play surfaces at nurseries often have vibrant and engaging coloured characters, animals and shapes which allow very young children to take part in interactive play with others. For older children at primary schools, the school playground flooring designs usually have educational activities like maths grids, compasses, word games and geographical maps. These help children to learn core curriculum subjects through physical and active play outside the classroom. Having these sorts of markings is often very beneficial for children who might find classroom learning challenging sometimes. The range of available colours and designs is almost endless as we may also create unique graphics and logos which fit in with a particular theme that your school or nursery has.

Playground Surface Graphics

As well as wetpour rubber recreational surfaces, tarmacadam can also be used in schools and parks so playground surface graphics are also available for this flooring type. The macadam specification is a strong and durable surfacing option which is great for playing numerous sports and activities; this is why it’s popular at many schools in the UK. Coloured markings could be applied to macadam play-areas in either thermoplastic or specialist paint. The thermoplastic graphics are cut out into the chosen shapes prior to the installation and are then heat applied so they melt onto the tarmac leaving a colourful and durable graphic marking on the playground. A specially designed type of paint could also be applied to a macadam playground surface with a brush or roller to create multi coloured markings for sports and other games. To find out more about the macadam playground surfacing, visit this page – which describes the product in more detail.

If your nursery, primary school, secondary school or public park is in need of a new lease of life with playground surface graphics, please get in touch with us! We may offer advice on the best designs for the children who will be using the area, and we can also help you create a bespoke design to suit any special requirements you may have. We may also offer great value quotes for installing play area surfacing and also carrying out maintenance and supply extra equipment like repair kits and de-icer to help you make the most out of your surface. Please feel free to complete our contact form if you need any further details or an idea of costs for your project.

EPDM Graphics for Play Areas

Wet pour is known as a soft surface which is usually located in recreational areas, play-areas and nurseries. Wet pour helps you to produce your very own style of surface and even incorporate specific designs. There are plenty of wet pour inserts which might be included in play-areas. EPDM inserts may be found in lots of sizes, styles and designs and you could find the colour that you would like.


EPDM graphics for play areas can be found in a number of educational designs. Numbers, alphabet games, hopscotch designs plus much more may be put in. A popular play area design would be roadways in addition to standard activities. Certain organisations go off their educational curriculum to improve Ofsted reports.

The different graphics are made into their shape prior to the installation of the wetpour. The graphic designs are usually installed once the wetpour wearing course layer is put in. The sorts of graphics that are being offered is endless and if you’ve got any ideas, just let us know. We’re able to alter specifications of EPDM rubber inserts in order to match your financial budget and facility.

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If you would like to learn more about graphics and other playground designs that could be installed, please make sure to speak to a member of our staff. We may answer any questions on the grpahics available and the cost of the designs. All you need to do is fill in our contact form provided and we will respond with all the details you need.

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