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School Playground Groundworks

Building a solid foundation is a vital part of any play area construction project with the school playground groundworks being a key part, as well as facilitating good drainage for the surface. We can provide various different specifications for wetpour surfacing groundworks which suit each individual project and provide the best final result. A number of factors need to be considered during school playground groundworks and construction planning, most recreational safety surfaces require a well draining sub-base and it is therefore key to determine how and what your specific site requirements are. Wet-pour safety surfacing is a porous system and should be laid on either an existing or newly constructed free draining sub base.


We carry out groundworks if necessary, so please make sure to get in touch with us for details on costs. We will also be pleased to offer you information regarding the sub base specification we require in the event you wish to get the groundworks done separately. 

Macadam Sub Base

We typically install wetpour rubber surfacing onto a macadam sub base as this provides the most stable school playground groundworks as well as being porous. Having a permeable sub-base for a play area is advised because it allows water to soak through it instead of puddling on top of the surface and making the area slippery. This helps to prevent children getting injured and ensures the recreational facility may be used in all weather conditions. Our specialist installers can lay a smooth and strong sub-base for your play area which provides an ideal foundation for the chosen surfacing and will last a long time.

If you would like information regarding the installation of a macadam sub base prior to the works beginning, please speak to us using the contact form provided. We will respond with details on the preparation works needed and the costs involved. 

 Playground Construction Groundworks

We have various playground construction groundworks specifications for wetpour playground surfaces to fit most budgets and can supply the full works including laying foundations, fencing, supply of equipment and installing the safety surfacing. The various groundworks specifications range from a well compacted MOT Type 1 sub-base with timber edges to an open textured porous binder course of macadam with Pre Cast Concrete (PCC) edges, which would be our preferred sub-base where budgets permit.

We undertake a number of playground construction groundworks to meet up with your individual needs and requirements depending upon the surface you are having installed and what works best with your project. As experts within the industry, you may be sure you will be getting the perfect sub-base installed.

SBR Shockpad Base Course

Once the school playground groundworks have been installed, we can lay out the wetpour surfacing in the chosen design and specification. The first part of the process is to install the SBR shockpad base course which is the part of the wetpour system that absorbs impact and gives the surface its safety qualities. This shock absorbing base layer can be installed at varying depths depending upon the required safety qualities for any play equipment within the area. Next the EPDM wearing course will be laid out, this can be installed in either plain black or in a range of bright colour options. We could also include preformed graphics within the wetpour surface to give your playground a bespoke look.

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Our experienced team can create a unique design and specification for your playground construction groundworks and surfacing to meet your budget requirements. We understand that every project is different so we may work with you to help make a school playground facility which is ideal for the children using it. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your groundworks or playground construction requirements.

Preparation Work Costs

The preparation work costs can vary depending on a number of different factors. Obviously one big factor that can affect the price is the area size – if you have a bigger area then the price of groundwork prep will cost more than the price for a smaller area. However you may find that the price per metre is considerably lower for larger areas due to the economies of scale. Another thing that can have an effect upon the preparation work costs is the existing condition of the surface. Obviously if we have the excavate the existing surface as well, the costs will be more expensive. 

Our team aim to offer you the very best value for money and we try to make the whole installation costs as low as possible. Since we only make use of premium materials, you may find that there are cheaper contractors out there; however you will need to make certain that they offer quality installations.

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You can find out more information regarding school playground groundworks if necessary by getting in touch with our team. Simply fill in our contact form provided on this page and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. 

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