Black Rubber Crumb Top Up For Artificial Pitch

A synthetic turf sports surface is made up of plastic grass fibres as well as an infill which consists of either just sand or a combination of sand and black rubber crumb particles. This rubber infill on 3G sports pitches is very important as it helps to hold up the artificial grass fibres to keep them upright, and it also gives the pitch the playing characteristics of natural grass.

Compaction Problem

If a 3G turf pitch is not maintained properly, over time the rubber crumb infill particles will start to compact and stick together deep into the turf fibres. This can lead to poor drainage as the compacted black rubber crumb blocks up the porous membrane of the surface and causes water to build up on the pitch. If there is water building up on the surface this can make the pitch less safe and also have a negative effect on the performance characteristics, therefore it is important to keep your sports surface well maintained.

Artificial third generation (3g) synthetic grass for sports pitch

Third Generation Artificial Turf Sports Pitch

Maintenance and Infill Top Up

If you set up an appropriate maintenance plan for your rubber infilled sports pitch and you regularly drag brush it to bring up the black rubber crumb particles, you will be able to maximise the durability and longevity of your artificial sports facility. However over a long period of time, if the pitch is used a lot and the turf fibres become weathered and worn out, it may be necessary to replace the rubber infill completely. This is because poor infill levels can have a negative effect on the performance characteristics and the water drainage of the pitch. It is generally a good idea to top up the infill of your sports pitch every 1-2 years, this will ensure that you maximise the life expectancy of your facility and keep it in the best condition possible.

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