Costs to Build a Compact Athletics Facility

When carrying out a new project, the costs to build a compact athletics facility will depend on a number of factors such as dimensions, chosen design and your location. The term ‘compact athletics facility’ refers to recreational running tracks or activity areas that area installed in smaller spaces as alternatives to full sized athletics facilities. This is often done in urban areas at schools to give a more cost effective option for children looking to get involved in different sports.

A range of components can be incorporated into the design of a recreational sports area, choosing these different parts can help cut the costs to build a compact athletics facility. These individual parts could include sprint tracks, long jump pits, high jump areas and jogging circuits. By scaling down each of these elements, schools are able to introduce children to a variety of sports from a young age without having to install a full sized athletics facility. This can be incorporated into PE lessons, break times and extracurricular activities to create a fun environment which also contributes to increased health and activity.

This video below shows the construction of a compact high jump athletics facility at a school. The surfacing was installed using Multisport synthetic turf which is ideal for recreational sports facilities especially when young children are using the area.

We would be happy to offer you some more advice on the costs to build a compact athletics facility if you fill in our quick enquiry form. These outdoor sports areas can be installed to schools, colleges, leisure centres and other public spaces as a more affordable alternative to full sized running tracks or other facilities.

Athletics Surfacing Installers

We are specialist athletics surfacing installers and can create designs for a range of compact athletics facilities throughout the UK. These areas provide sports tracks for recreational use as they come in smaller sizes which can be installed to school playgrounds or other areas with limited space. Our professional team often install these types of facilities in a Multisport synthetic turf surface which is perfect for recreational areas and for use by younger children. Some of the designs that are included could be multi use long jump pits with all purpose lanes, sprint tracks and high jump fans. In a lot of cases, a running straight of 40-60 metres will form the focal point of a compact athletics facility, with other features installed around it.


However you could choose a different design if you’re looking to cut the costs to build a compact athletics facility, so we can be flexible on the specification to suit your requirements. Jogging routes can also be incorporated into the design; this could consist of a path which flows around the perimeter of the area to make the most of your existing space. Depending on the people who are going to be using the area, our athletics surfacing installers will be able to advise you on the best design of athletics area. For example a primary school might prefer to have a smaller area with soft Multisport turf, whereas a high school or college could choose a larger facility with polymeric rubber track surfacing. Whatever you choose, we will be able to make it work with your budget, and we can also offer numerous different coloured designs so you can customise the final appearance.

Please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team today if you’d like to discuss the costs to build a compact athletics facility. We understand that everyone has different requirements and budgets, so we’d be happy to help you come up with the perfect design. Fill in our contact form today and we’ll get back to you with some friendly advice.

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