Long / Triple Jump Runways Landing Pit Design, Construction, Surfaces

Long Jump Runways Landing Pit Design, Construction, Surfaces is an article outlining the long jump run up landing pit. Basically the triple jump runway and long jump run up landing pit is a sand pit filled with silica dry rounded play sand. The sand is needed to be washed and rounded so the kids and children jumping into the landing pit is safe without any cuts or grazes.

They come in a selection of sizes and measurements generally to meet the projects restrictions on site because sometimes they might only have limited space or more importantly have a certain budget or grant to work to. The budget is usually funded however many organisation carry out fund raising events to create extra revenue to possibly have a high jump fan and throwing circle constructed at the same time which saves costs on the quote as we will already have our plant and equipment on site.

Designs of the track and field sports facilities need to meet the costs of the grant and therefore the specification id determined on this budget because if they have an unlimited budget they could go for the all singing and dancing IAAF long jump runway however sometimes the costs and prices is an issue and that is when we can tailor fit the quote to suit everybodies needs. In general the long jump runway and triple jump run up landing pit is usually 9m x 3m however like we said this can be amended to suit the prices they need to meet.

Landing pit mowing strips are always advised to have because is a pathway strip around the sand that the teachers can stand on to get the readings of the jump and also prevents grass cutting to go in the sand pit. For further details on long jump runway designs, construction, surfacing and specification measurements please call 01625 445760 or visit http://www.sportsandsafetysurfaces.co.uk/

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