Benefits of Wetpour

The installation of wetpour can bring a whole host of benefits to a play area. This includes enhancing the safety of the surfacing around play equipment, improving the look of an area and creating an all weather facility for use all year round.   Soft Surfaces pride ourselves on providing wetpour play areas which can be used in nurseries, schools, play parks and many more area across the UK.

Wetpour Safety Surface Benefits

Please watch the video below which explains the benefits of wet pour safety surfaces in more detail.
Please see transcript below:   00:00 Hi, guys. It’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here. Today we’re going to be explaining what are the benefits of Wetpour. So with Wetpour being a specialist safety surface, there are many advantages to this playground flooring. The most obvious one is its ability to keep the kids safe during its use. Wetpour surfaces actually ensure maximum safety, due to the surface meeting the critical fall height, or CFH, standards. If you’d like any more information about what CFH is and how Wetpour meets these standards, make sure to check out our video explaining this.   00:26 Wetpour is actually an extremely low maintenance surface type, meaning it saves you a lot of time and money in the ownership of that surface. Also, if there are any repairs that do need carrying out, when it’s a small repair you can actually order a Wetpour repair kit to your school or facility. You can actually make that repair yourself, which again saves you time and money. In addition, this is actually a porous surface too, meaning it can be used all year round, in many different weather conditions.   00:49 Whilst Wetpour surfaces are generally installed in playgrounds, they’re actually a multipurpose surface, meaning they could be installed for many different sports and activities. Finally, Wetpour can be incredibly educational, depending on your installation specifications. You can actually have games and educational numbers and letters for the kids to be playing on the actual surface.   01:07 Here at Soft Surfaces Limited, we have over 20 years of experience installing wetpour across the country, so we really feel like we’re the company to go to if you’re looking to have that installed. For any more information about this, please feel free to visit us at  
Benefits of Wetpour
Wetpour Surfacing Roadway

Wetpour Rubber Flooring

Wetpour is becoming increasingly popular across the UK in the last 20 years we have seen this product replace old play areas, pathways and children’s playgrounds.   This is due to the many benefits that wetpour offers as a surface.  
  • Safety – Wetpour is a safety surface this means as it is a two layered rubber compound with a shock-pad base. It helps reduce the risks of injury taking force out of any impacts.
  • Education & Fitness – we can provide Wetpour in a variety of colours and graphics. This versatile product allows us to install graphics and designs into the wearing course. These graphics not only make your surface unique they can increase the interaction form children. We have laid miniature roadways into the surface to teach children about road safety. We can use numbers and letter to use and educational tools for maths and English. Other options like hopscotch can help provide games and activities to increase health and fitness.
  • Drainage – Wetpour is a porous material and it should be laid on a suitable sub-base of MOT Type 1 or Tarmac. These surfaces should all aid with the drainage and help prevent against holding water and increasing the useable time on the surface.
  • Seamless – The surface is generally installed with retaining walls that it is laid up to. This prevents any trip hazards and reduces the risk of injury. If it isn’t possible for a border to be installed we can work around this by digging a trench around the perimeter and tapering the surface into the surrounding area.
  These are just some of the examples of why Wetpour’s popularity is rapidly increasing and why schools, nurseries, play areas and even residential properties are upgrading to Wetpour.   For more information on the benefits of wetpour please get in contact today and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss this.

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