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Acrylic Sports Court Spraying Anti Slip Paint Surface

Acrylic Sports Court Spraying Anti Slip Paint Surface is installed onto macadam type 1 and type 2 MUGAs throughout the UK. The acrylic anti slip paint is available is a selection of colours and the most common are red acrylic colour coating paint, blue acrylic colour coating paint and green anti slip resistant paint.

MUGAs have these installed to meet the slip resistance for basketball which then has the basketball line marking keys installed onto them, netball which also has the sports lines installed onto it, football which has the line marking d’s installed and finally tennis which has the tennis lines installed and all of these can be installed on the one sports court commonly known as a multi use games area.

The multi use games area is an ideal sports court where space is limited for the children and kids to play. In the UK many old tennis courts are being refurbished into multi use games areas MUGAs to make the most out of the sports facility which will have rebound fencing to the perimeter with recessed goals and basketball hoops.

The acrylic sports colour coating is applied by an airless spray in two coats and applied in different directions to get the whole court surface covered and overlaid. After several years a flash coat can be applied or a resurface to the courts to make these like new again and should you have any queries on this please ring 01625 445760 or visit

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