HG5 AENA Sports Surfaces Coatings for MUGA surfacing

HG5 AENA Sports Surfaces Coating for MUGA surfacing is a high performance sports surface paint that is suitable for Netball and Football surfaces. It is installed onto prepared macadam surfaces whether this is a new construction netball court, resurfacing of a MUGA or old court that needs some cleaning / maintenance prior to a new anti slip paint coating. The painting of netball court is required to be done when the weather is ideal as we cannot install and apply this in wet conditions or even when it is windy because is applied using an airless spray machine.

The HG5 High Grip Paint is designed to give an optimum anti slip performance for your games areas due to its properties. Drying in 1 hour, the HG5 gives performance readings of Dry 105, Damp 75 and Wet 76, all tested to ITF CS 03/01 onto 6mm Macadam wearing courses.

The HG5 AENA netball sports coating will reduce the overall surface deterioration due to its fungicidal and moss properties and porous nature. The ITF recommends performance guidelines of 60-100 and the HG5 is perfect for this. If the Netball & Football sports court is properly washed once yearly and brushed to remove old surface debris, leaves and flowers, the HG5 will not lose its performance for at least 3 years.

For further details on the HG5 anti slip paint sports coatings please phone 01625 445760.

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