Fixed Solid Schools Take-Off Board

Fixed Solid Schools Take-Off Board is used on long jump runways and triple jump runways. There is no jump indicators on these so it is simply the solid timber that is sealed, primed and polyurethane painted in white to make this weatherproof.

Many schools over the years when the children and kids have been wearing spikes have been known to break out and flip the wooden board on the reverse side because the spikes start to puncture the wood interface and this allows the school to get a few more years use out of triple jump run up / long jump run up take off board however the cost to purchase a new one sometimes its just easier to buy one brand new.

Long Jump Run Up Fixed Take Off Board Price

Long Jump Run Up Fixed Take Off Board Prices

Dependent on stock and subject to delivery costs they retail at approx £65 each but please call 01625 445760 for further details should you require a few of these. For information with regards to the specification of these or the design element then please visit for further dimensions, sizes and costs

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