Synthetic Long Jump Athletics Track Construction In Peterborough

Synthetic Long Jump Run Up Construction In Peterborough was carried to a school on their grass playing field. The specifications they desired were for the synthetic long jump athletics track surface to be in two different colours, this being a red and blue design. The first thing that we had to do was to excavate the site to the dimensions that were in the specification for the long jump running track. We had to do this so that we could install a stone sub base as a foundation to give the artificial long jump runway a smooth and even surface. The sand pit area was excavated along with the long jump athletics track, after having installed the initial sub base to the athletic track we could then add the sand to the landing pit.

Installation of Long Jump Athletics Track

The installation of a stone sub base and Multisport™ synthetic athletics surface can help reduce long term costs by ultimately increasing the lifespan of the product whilst eliminating the need for a macadam sub base. Due to the long lasting life of the product, this means that the school will not need to regularly replace, resurface or refurbish their synthetic long jump athletic track. This will help the school keep within their budget and the long jump athletics track will act as an investment over time. The synthetic Multisport™ long jump athletics track can be installed on top of the sub base now that the ground is flat and level. As the client is a school, they required an aesthetically pleasing look as to help engage with the children, and make sports and fitness seem appealing.

The surfacing that was chosen for the synthetic long jump was an alternative to the traditional synthetic long jump athletic tracks which is usually a polymeric rubberised specification. The installation process of the synthetic long jump athletics track took approx 1-2 weeks on site and now the school are thrilled to have an all weather athletics facility for the children and kids to practice on all year round. For further details on these long jump runway pits, sand pit covers or athletics surfacing specifications please visit where it highlights the various designs and option you have and if you fill the contact form in then we can provide costs, prices and quotes to meet your requirements.



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