Rhino Turf

Rhino Turf is a new synthetic turf range for sports pitches. Rhino turf offers the best yarns and designed into sports surfaces it was makes the product unique because it is designed with the player in mind and affordable to the client which is why it is the most spoken turf within the UK. It is tested to RFU, IRB, FIFA, FIH and FA accreditations. The artificial grass is ideal for multi sports purposes from football, hockey, rugby, tennis and is being installed throughout the UK in schools, leisure centres, colleges and professional sports clubs.

Rhino Turf has a full range of products :

  • Rhino-Turf RT50 – IIdeal for football
  • Rhino-Turf RT60 – Ideal for football
  • Rhino-Turf RT65 – Ideal for rugby
  • Rhino-Turf VT40 – Ideal for football
  • Rhino-Turf VT60 – Ideal for football and rugby
  • Rhino-Turf HFSD – Ideal for hockey and multi use
  • Rhino-Turf HFWB – Ideal for hockey
  • Rhino-Turf HFMP – Ideal for multi use
  • Rhino-Turf RTSF – Ideal for multi use
  • Rhino-Turf TC12 – Ideal for tennis
  • Rhino-Turf TC15 – Ideal for tennis
  • Rhino-Turf Predator – Ideal for hockey, football and multi use

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