Padel Tennis Court Construction Contractors

Padel tennis has started to take the world by storm as one of the newest forms of racquet sports. Since originating from Mexico in 1969 it has grown massively across the globe with now over 2 million registered players worldwide. It is now regarded as the most popular sport in both Argentina and Spain. However, the sport has an extremely small following within the United Kingdom, with their being an exceedingly small number of courts in the UK and subsequently a small amount of Padel tennis court construction contractors.

Padel Court Surfaces

Soft Surfaces Ltd are specialist Padel tennis court construction contractors within the UK offering expert advice when it comes to the installation of Padel tennis courts. We offer a variety of surfaces all with the essential performance characteristic of a porous flooring material. This allows for water to pass through the surface making it an all-weather Padel tennis court surface. You can choose to have your Padel tennis court constructed in artificial grass which has the great benefit of being more comfortable underfoot for the players, reducing the chances of getting any shock or impact injuries on your joints. One of the alternatives to having artificial grass surfacing is to get your Padel tennis court construction contractor to install the court using a porous macadam surfacing. These macadam Padel tennis courts are covered with a polyurethane anti-slip paint coating which helps reduce the chances of serious falls or accidents due to the aggregate the polyurethane coating adds to the Padel court. Similarly to the macadam Padel tennis court, having your Padel court constructed out of polymeric rubber also has the advantage of being covered in an anti-slip paint coating. With each of these surfaces you are able to choose from a variety of different colours to personalize each one of your courts.

Padel tennis is rapidly growing and will soon be a huge recreational sport within the UK. If you’re a school, leisure centre or sports club looking to bring something new for your customers or trying to attract more customers in, getting a Padel tennis court constructed for you by a specialist contractor is the way to go. For more information on the whole host of products and services that Soft Surfaces provide, please head on over to and if you need information on getting some funding to help out with the construction of the court visit –

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  • Do you think padel tennis will ever be more popular than standard tennis in the UK??

  • Dont think it ever will be bigger than tennis but is defo a growing sport

    • Who knows it could be but yes I agree dont think it will be bigger than tennis

      • I love squash and also tennis so I think I would like this game tbh

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