Play Area Safety Surfacing De Icer

Start planning for winter by ordering your playground de-icer now. Don’t wait till it snows or the first hard frost to appear and ice everything over. Ice in playgrounds can be dangerous, a simple application of anti-icing liquid de-icer could make your playground a safer.

Traditional rock salt is not a suitable deicer for wetpour safety surfaces, as it can leave white residue stains as well as being abrasive to the surface itself, potentially damaging it. Soft Surfaces liquid wetpour de icer is non corrosive, non toxic, non hazardous and can even be applied before a frost to prevent ice formation for 24 – 48hours. Apply using any regular type of spray applicator or back pack sprayer.

Playground Surfaces

Playground Surfacing

Please call 01625445760 for costs, prices and specifications of this product and also lead times for delivery to be sent out to the schools, colleges, universities or sports clubs. For further details about maintenance on play area safety surfaces please visit which explains various items from repairs to cleaning services

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