Top 3 Safety Surfaces for Playgrounds

Since health and safety standards have become more and more important throughout the UK, you will find that it is vital to ensure your school or nursery playground has some sort of safety surfacing installed to keep the children using the facility safe in the event they fall off equipment. The primary goal should be to make certain that the kids will not be hurt if they fall over, which is why you need to think about having safety surfacing installed.


So, which safety flooring type should you have installed? It can be difficult to choose which safety surfacing to install to keep the kids safe, since there are many options to choose from. We have created a list of the top 3 safety surfaces for playgrounds which we install all over the United Kingdom to ensure children remain safe.

Wet Pour Surfacing

One of the best safety surfaces to have installed in a school or nursery playground is wet pour rubber flooring. Wetpour is made up of EPDM rubber granules which are mixed with a specialist binder. This is then screeded onto a concrete, stone or macadam sub base to create a smooth even layer. Wetpour is available in a number of different colours and can also have graphic inserts installed to create a fun play area for young people.

One great thing about wet pour surfacing is that the depth of the flooring could be altered to meet specific Critical Fall Heights. If high playground equipment is present on the area, the wetpour may be installed much thicker to absorb the impact, in the event a child falls off the equipment. If you are interested in finding out about the installation process, please have a look at this video which shows one of the wetpour installations we have carried out within the UK:

Another great thing about wetpour surfacing is that it requires very little maintenance. In the event the flooring has become damages due to vandalism, rips or perimeter shrinkage, the area can be fixed easily with the help of a professional team – or even DIY repair kits. In some cases the wet pour can get cut out in a particular shape and a different colour could be installed there to make exciting graphics for children to play on.

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EPDM wet pour rubber is a great surface type and has fantastic impact absorbing properties. If you wish to find out the costs of installing this type of rubberised flooring, please visit this page or get in touch with our team using the enquiry form available.

Rubber Wetpour Playground Surfacing Designs

Rubber Playground Mulch

The second play surface on our list of the top 3 safety surfaces for playgrounds is rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is basically bonded play bark, which offers impact absorbing properties to create a safer surface for children to play on. This type of surfacing is ideal for woodlands areas and playgrounds which become muddy in wet conditions. Rubberised playground mulch offers a more natural look, yet can still keep children safe when using playground equipment and timber trails.

Specialist Outdoor Gym Flooring

Just like wetpour, rubberised mulch can be laid in different depths to meet up with various CFHs. The purpose of this flooring is to create a natural looking area which is safe for young children to play on. Rubber mulch is available in different colours too. Brown and green are the more popular shades to choose, as these look the most natural. Bonded rubberised shred is basically loose rubberised chippings which have been bound together using resin. There are many advantages of resin bound rubber mulch, which includes minimal maintenance work and preparation needed during the installation. Since rubberised shred may be laid on most surface types, the cost to install this surfacing is reasonably low.

Artificial Grass Play Area

The last of our three surfaces which can be used for safety play-areas is artificial grass. When installing synthetic turf for nurseries and schools, you can have the option of a shockpad. Shockpads may be installed beneath the artificial grass to make a more impact absorbing surface; this makes the flooring a lot safer in the event children fall over.

Synthetic Grass Recreational Surface Designs

Artificial grass play areas are a great option if you are looking for a more natural appearance. There are a number of different synthetic turf specifications available to ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for. Synthetic grass can be installed with different pile heights to suit the clients needs; you will find that some pile heights make the surface look more natural when compared to others.


Playground Safety Flooring

All of these surfaces are completely porous, which gives them a huge advantage over natural surfaces like grass that could become muddy and waterlogged in wet conditions. The equipment you have within the area and what the facility is going to be used for will determine which surface is best for your playground. As an example, if you are looking for a natural woodlands appearance, wet pour would not be an option. We can discuss the different surfaces in more detail if necessary and we can offer our professional opinion along with details on costs. To find out more regarding playground safety flooring, please get in touch using the enquiry form presented on this page.

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If you wish to find out more about the various surfaces that can be installed for playgrounds, please make sure to contact our team. We would be more than happy to provide you with more information on the best surfaces for play areas and which are the most safe for young children.

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