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Moisture Cure Polyurethane Binders

Moisture Cure Polyurethane Binders are used on polymeric surfaces and impact absorbing playground surfacing areas. The PU binders have been used for years as adhesives for varnishes, sealers and in the domestic market. It is a moisture curing adhesive that pulls liquids from the air with the humidity and hence the reason is has to be used in the correct weather conditions.

The water molecules from the atmosphere that gives the humidity is what makes the resin set and you on average have one hour playing time during installation to be able to work with the binder adhesive. Once the polyurethane moisture cure binder is let into the open then it quickly starts to cure and for it to be full cured takes approx 24-48 hours before people can walk on the area.

Moisture Cure Polyurethane Colour Coating Anti Slip Paint Design

Moisture Cure Polyurethane Colour Coatings Anti Slip Paint Designs

The mix of the PU binder is done with rubber epdm chippings for the wetpour surface and SBR rubber crumb for the base layer wet pour safety surface. It is mixed in a continuous cretangle mixer on site and installed insitu which gives the benefit of being able to be laid to any depth, shape and size.

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