Q26 Special surfacing/ pavings for sport/ general amenity IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACINGS FOR PLAY AREAS 300       EXTENT OF IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACING
  • General: Lay to the impact areas shown in the relevant parts of BS EN 1176.
  • General: Lay impact absorbing surfacing as indicated on drawings.
  • Base: In accordance with site survey
  • Surface Course: Artificial Grass Surfacing.
–    Standard: To BS 7188 –    Manufacturer: Soft Surfaces Ltd, 35 Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AR –    Tel: 01625 445760, Fax: 01625 525619 –    Email: info@softsurfaces.co.uk  Website: www.softsurfaces.co.uk –    Product reference: Soft Lawn Synthetic Grass –    Colour: Green –    Critical Fall Height when tested to BS EN 1177: TBC –    Health and Safety: CHAS accredited, API accredited, CONSTRUCTIONLINE accredited Substance known to be toxic or carcinogenic on skin or released as vapour or dust during normal use: Not permitted.
  • Submit:
–    Resistance to abrasive wear, slip resistance, resistance to indentation and ease of ignition: Evidence of testing to BS 7188. –    Critical Fall Height: Evidence of testing to BS EN 1177. COMPLETION 920       PLAY SURFACE TESTING
  • Standard: To BS EN 1177 and BS 1177, where applicable.
  • Testing Body: A United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) independent laboratory.
  • Timing: Within ten days of completing the surface works.
  • Test Results: Submit.
  • General: For all types of surfacing, provide the following:
–    Name and contact details of installer. –    Date of installation. –    Name and contact details of manufacturer. –    Type/ description/ reference of products used. –    Manufacturer’s recommended inspection and maintenance procedures to maintain safety and impact absorbing performance. –    Manufacturer’s recommended cleaning and maintenance methods, where relevant. 940       LABELLING
  • Signs: Provide permanent labelling in approved locations on all types of surfacing stating:
–    Critical Fall Height; –    Date of Installation –    Manufacturer’s name and contact details; and Product name.

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