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Rubber Playground Surface Construction

Rubber playground surface construction is carried out to fit schools budgets and the budget depends on the quote. The costs and prices of the project depends on whether the area needs sufficient construction to help aid drainage. If it is at the bottom of a hill then a deeper excavation is needed and backfilled with porous stone to make the rubber playground surface area an all weather surface play area.

The rubber playground surface is also known to many as wetpour safety surfacing, playtop or insitu rubber crumb surfaces. All of these are porous surfacing systems that consist of SBR rubber base and EPDM rubber wearing course. The wetpour surface is installed insitu on site.

Wetpour Playground Surfacing

The play area surfaces are usually constructed by groundworks which include excavation, dig out then stone up of the area which is installed within an edge which is most common to be a PCC edge and not timber. Timber edges are cheaper but prone to shrinking so a pcc edge is always advised for rubber surface playground surfacing areas.

If you have any queries on the construction of a rubber playground play area then please call our head office on 01625 445760

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