Sports Surfacing Rejuvenation Maintenance Golborne

Sand filled synthetic pitches can become contaminated and damaged if they aren’t looked after properly, this is why it’s important to carry out sports surfacing rejuvenation maintenance. This is done to remove the dirty sand infill from within the synthetic grass fibres and replace it with a new layer to improve the performance qualities. A school in Golborne, Lancashire recently asked us to carry out this process for their sand filled sports pitch which had become dirty and contaminated through a lack of maintenance.

The 2G sand filled surface was dirty, compacted and uncomfortable to play on due to the infill being contaminated and filled with debris.

Dirty Sports Surface Turf

Contaminated Sport Pitch

Sand Filled Synthetic Pitches

The sand filled sports pitch specification is a 2G surface which is commonly used for football and hockey pitches as well as multi purpose sports facilities. Installation of these artificial grass pitches involves a porous stone sub base with a specialist synthetic carpet rolled out on top. Once the artificial grass surface has been put down, a layer of silica sand infill is put down within the artificial turf fibres. This sand infill is designed to improve the performance qualities of the artificial surfacing and hold up the grass pile to create a natural feeling playing surface. If the sand filled pitch surfacing is not looked after properly, dirt, litter and natural matter can get stuck within the pile and contaminate the sand infill and the sports surface. This then leads to the porous layers getting blocked up and water will sit on the surface rather than draining away through the pitch. When this happens, it is necessary to carry out sports surfacing rejuvenation maintenance to fix the problem.

Sports Surfacing Rejuvenation Maintenance

The process of sports surfacing rejuvenation maintenance was needed for this school’s sand filled pitch as the surface had started to become waterlogged and the performance qualities were being lost. Before the rejuvenation was done, we had to carry out some tests on the synthetic pitch surface to check the levels of contamination within the grass. This was done by taking samples of the existing dirty sand from different areas around the facility, the sand was then mixed with a solution of water, bicarbonate of soda and a dispersal agent. Once the solution was thoroughly mixed, the samples were left overnight to allow the contamination to separate from the sand and float to the top. The results of these tests indicated that the surface was contaminated enough to require the sports surfacing rejuvenation maintenance.

Sports Surfacing Rejuvenation Maintenance Golborne

Sand Infill Rejuvenation

We began the maintenance work by extracting the dirty sand infill out of the turf to get rid of the contaminations and leave behind a clean synthetic grass surface. The next part was installing a new application of silica sand within the artificial grass fibres to bring back the original playing qualities of the sports pitch. When the sand had been put into the pitch, we then used a drag brush to distribute it evenly through the pile to create consistent performance characteristics across the whole area.

The finished result after the sports surfacing rejuvenation maintenance had been completed was a much better looking sand filled pitch which drains well and the students at the school can enjoy using for a range of sports and activities.

Rejuvenated Artificial Sports Surfacing

Rejuvenated Pitch Surface

If you have a contaminated sand filled pitch which needs cleaning or maintenance, please use our contact form to send us over the details so we can help with your enquiry. Make sure you include contact details, an area size of the facility and your project post code so we can give you an accurate price quotation for the sports surfacing rejuvenation maintenance. We can also help with installation and maintenance for a range of other sports facilities so feel free to check out the Soft Surfaces Website if you can’t find what you’re looking for here.

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