Benefits of Sudscape Resin Bound

The benefits of Sudscape resin bound flooring vary from being a visually appealing surface to also being environmentally friendly. Sudscape resin bound is a name we call a specialised surface, as it does not just have a hard macadam base layer, the base layer we use for this surfacing consists of three materials. These three materials are stones, rubber and binder which are all mixed together and then poured onto a stone sub base creating a 30mm layer. The polyurethane binder which we use is flexible which means it will be resistant to cracking and as it is SuDS compliant it improves natural drainage. The wearing course for this system is applied to a 20mm depth and is made up of the resin bound stone surface, this creates a 50mm depth overall.

Installing Sudscape Resin Bound Base Course

Sudscape Base Course

Resin bound aggregate is available in a wide variety of colours; this allows you to be as creative as you want. While many clients have wanted more natural colours, such as earth blends, browns and beiges, we have installed a range of bright colours and designs too. One of the advantages of this flooring is that you are not limited to where it can be installed and it is commonly applied in people’s gardens, driveways, schools and public footpaths.

So what are the main benefits of Sudscape resin bound, other than being nice to look at? Well, the aggregate stones and sub base are porous, this means that there will be no flooding as water can drain through it. This surfacing is also long lasting, very hard wearing and it requires a low amount of maintenance. Some more advantages to this porous surface is that it has non slip qualities, impact absorption and it is non- toxic so it is safe to install in areas where children will be using it. The reason it is a popular surface for public areas and paths is that bikes, push chairs and wheelchairs can be rolled on them without any issue so it provides an easy access route for members of a community.

For a further product description of the designs of Sudscape resin bound gravel surfacing that we install or to discuss the costs, feel free to contact us today by filling in the simple form on this page.

Sudscape Resin Bound Specification

A Sudscape resin bound specification has a stone sub base which is made up of angular stones that are rolled flat. The reason the stones are angular is so that they fit together nicely and are compacted, it also lets the water drain through the small gaps. When the stone sub-base is flat, the stones, rubber and binder are mixed together and then poured onto the stone base. Then when this has set, the resin bound gravel is applied and screeded onto the surface and then the paving is left to set.

Sudscape Paving Installation Specialists

Sudscape Paving Installation

The stone, rubber granules and binder base course has 4-6mm stones, these are so that the water can drain easily enough, and the resin aggregate wearing course has 2-5mm stones. The Sudscape surfacing system is slightly more expensive in comparison to resin bound gravel surfaces. This is because they need more materials and they are more environmentally friendly as you can re-use the water which drains through. Resin bound gravel which has a tarmacadam sub-base cannot keep rain water as macadam has oils in it and would not be safe but as Sudscape doesn’t it can be filtered back into your house or facility and be used again e.g. for toilet water. There are a different ways to store the rain water which you collect, such as soakaway systems and filters.

A Sudscape resin bound specification requires a low amount of maintenance but we still recommend having a stone surface cleaning plan set up and in place. This lets you keep your permeable surface in excellent condition. The cleaning which should be done is removing any dirt or debris from the flooring, this is because if it is left, contamination can start to build up and this could block the drainage system and cause the SuDS resin gravel to flood. It is very important to not use pressure or jet washes as these are abrasive to the surface and can damage the stone surfacing.

Resin Bound Paving Installation

Completed Sudscape Resin Bound Paving

If you require any further information about the benefits of Sudscape resin bound surfacing or the costs to install this system, please contact us. All you have to do is make an enquiry and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible and explain what you want to know.

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