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Rhino Turf Surfacing

If you’re looking for professional installers of Rhino Turf surfacing within the United Kingdom, then you have come to the right place. Our company are experts at installing these surface types, and have plenty of case studies of jobs we’ve carried out in the past. The flooring we install, is of the highest possible quality. We pride ourselves on using only the best materials in the industry, ensuring that your facility last for the longest possible amount of time.
“Rhino Turf is a new, high quality synthetic turf range specifically for sports pitches”

What is Rhino Turf?

Rhino turf offers the best yarns and designs perfect for sports surfaces. This surface types are created with the player in mind, yet are also affordable, making it a very popular surface in the UK. It is tested to RFU, IRB, FIFA, FIH and FA accreditations. The artificial grass is ideal for multi sports purposes from football, hockey, rugby, tennis and is being installed throughout the UK in schools, leisure centres, colleges and professional sports clubs. To learn more about artificial grass itself, why not take a look at the artificial grass wiki page. 3G Sports Pitch Surfacing Company

Best Sports for Rhino Turf

This surface type is available in a huge amount of specifications, so working out the best sports for Rhino Turf initially can be a bit tricky. However, we have created a table below thats lets you know what the best for your requirement. Check it out!
Football Rugby Hockey Tennis Multi-Use
Rhino-Turf RT50 Rhino-Turf RT65 Rhino-Turf HFWB Rhino-Turf TC12 Rhino-Turf VT60
Rhino-Turf RT60 Rhino-Turf TC15 Rhino-Turf HFSD
Rhino-Turf VT40 Rhino-Turf HFMP
Rhino-Turf RTSF
Rhino-Turf Predator
These courts can be a brilliant option for those looking to have either a specific type of court, or a court suitable for multiple games. These facilities can be fitted in a huge variety of specifications, including different colours, sizes and turf types. Feel free to ask us about any of our specifications that we have available!

Maintaining a Rhino Turf Facility

Maintenance of these sports pitch types can involve:
  • regularly brushing the facility in order to clear debris
  • Treating the surface chemically
  • An infill top up
  • Rejuvenation of the existing surface
  • Decompaction
Obviously some of these maintenance types are proactive and reactive, therefore depending on the current condition of your sports pitch. The best way to prevent reactive maintenance is to regularly maintain the surface proactively. That way, the duration of the surfaces lifespan will be drastically increased!
If you wish to learn more regarding looking after these facilities, feel free to check out our sports pitch maintenance page!

Cost of Rhino Turf

Generally speaking, the cost of having a Rhino Turf surface installed can really depend entirely on the type of turf you’re looking to have installed, the size, colour, fencing options etc. Really the best way to go about understanding the costs of this surfacing is to drop us an enquiry! If you would like any specifications for any of our services then please do not hesitate to contact our head office on 01625 445760.

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