Safety Surfacing for Fitness Trim Trail made from timber

Timber trim trails are extremely popular within school playgrounds, nurseries and children creche areas, as they offer excellent value for money, allowing multiple users to enjoy the low level equipment. The timber play equipment costs, prices and quotes are relatively low and therefore the nurseries and schools can afford to fit these areas within their budgets and funding.

In the main these are installed into grass playing fields with Grass Mats. With popularity, comes high use and these areas of grass can wear thin, to become muddy and treacherous. Rhino Mulch, our bound rubber shred, is the ideal answer to getting the best play value back from your play equipment investment. We can even create a pathway to it allowing your out of bound wet playing fields to be usable again.

The rhino mulch rubber surfacing is an all weather safety surface used in playground, play areas, recreational areas, park facilities and is great because prevents the area being wet, waterlogged, flooded and muddy because the children wont play in a mud dirty flooring finish.

For details on specifications of this type of safety flooring please call 01625445760 or visit our website which will explain the different safer surfacing options, products and textured finish

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