Shock Absorption Vertical Deformation Field Testing

Shock Absorption Vertical Deformation Field Testing measures the safety of the surfaces to the players where a player is running and falling onto the flooring. The foot stability and deformation to the surfaces is important to make sure the infill to the astroturf of moss growth of a multi use games areas hasnt caused the flooring to compact to be almost like concrete. The testing carried out onsite is an insitu field test where it monitors the results of several areas giving the vertical deformation, energy restitution and force reduction test reports. There are many names within the UK named for this type of test which is also known in the UK market as fieldman testing, field tester monitoring device, fieldman testing device, groundsman gadget and also recently named the synthetic absorption tester. With regards to the testing requirements then we are able to carry these test reports out inhouse or can get a totally independent testing body to carry out these works because working closely on projects with consultants and testing labs is part of our works as many sports pitches and MUGAs need designing, maintaining and testing regularly. For further details on the vertical deformity tests, shock absorption testing and force reduction results please call 01625 445760 or visit our website which explains various tests available for sports pitches

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