Sudscape Resin Bound Stone Surface

Sudscape resin bound stone surfaces offers a unique resin bound gravel system laid upon a rubber sub base. The rubber sub base contains air spaces which allow the free drainage of surface water meaning that the system is fully porous. The voids within the rubber slow down the water and ensure that it can be dispersed within the substrata. The rubber and stone Sudscape systems laid upon a permeable sub base which allows the water to drain quickly meaning that the surface does not need any planning permission. The porous nature of the resin bound surface dramatically reduces the water run off and means that you will not be charged for this.  This is particularly cost effective when installing on driveways and pathways.

Sudscape Porous Surfacing Benefits

During the cold winter months, many resin bound surfaces can begin to crack due to rapid expansion and contraction of materials and resin as a result of changing weather. Because of the voids in the rubber and resin bound stone sub base the surfacing is flexible and therefore less likely to crack during different weather conditions.  This system is particularly useful for surrounding the base of trees as sudscape resin bound stone surfacing has the flexibility and room for movement when laid around trees whilst also allowing water to the roots.

Sudscape Paving System Contractor

Installing Sudscape Paving System

Sudscape surfacing is a low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing resin bound stone surface with the flexibility and durability to last a long time. For more information on the sidscape resin bound system including costs of materials, prices of installation and how you could get help with financing your project through a funding grant or finance plan, please visit our website at or contact us on and we will get back to you with some friendly professional advice.


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