Sudscape Porous Paving Driveway Surfacing

We install specialist Sudscape porous paving driveway surfacing for many domestic homes throughout the UK. Sudscape sees the combination of a 30mm depth rubber/stone mix sub base with a resin bound stone wearing course. It is a decorative and long lasting stone flooring option which is popular for residential areas as well as public spaces. Each client can choose a bespoke coloured design so the surfacing can be completely customised to whatever you would like.

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Porous Sudscape Surfacing

Many urban areas now have Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) installed to ensure that rainwater can drain away efficiently without causing flooding. Porous paving is now being used as one of these systems to prevent water building up on driveways and paths. This can also prevent water runoff into lower lying areas which helps to reduce flooding as well. A SuDS compliant paving surface will be porous so that water is allowed to drain through it before passing into the sub strata or into the local drains. The air spaces in the surface filter water through the Sudscape porous paving driveway surfacing allowing some water to be absorbed and lost instead of flowing directly into the local drains and causing them to overflow and flood.

Resin Bound Paving Installation

Sudscape Resin Bound Paving

SuDS Driveway Paving Designs

There are many different resin bound gravel colour and specification options available including Brittany Bronze, Corn Flint and Autumn Gold. The colours and decorative stone mean that Sudscape porous surfacing provides a great natural look for driveways, patios, footpaths, swimming pool surrounds and courtyards. Another great positive of installing a Sudscape resin bound porous surface is that it requires no planning permission. This is due to it being a SuDS compliant surface and the base is made from recycled tyre shred meaning that it is environmentally friendly. Because of this, it’s a great option for homeowners who are looking to resurface or extend their driveway with minimum hassle.

Installing Sudscape Surfaces

The gravel flooring can be laid onto hard surfaces like tarmac and concrete, as well as existing stone flooring. This means it is suitable for a range of outdoor areas due to its flexibility. When installing Sudscape surfaces we’ll first install the base layer for this system which is a combination of rubber granules, stones and binder. This comes at a depth of 30mm and is both flexible and porous to comply with SuDS characteristics. On top of this base layer, we will install the resin bound gravel at a depth of 20mm which leaves an attractive and durable finish.

Sudscape Paving System Contractor

Installing Sudscape Paving System

The finished paving will be a depth of 50mm and offers both permeability and long lasting qualities for use in domestic areas. The system is strong enough to withstand vehicle traffic as well as regular pedestrian use.

Watch the video below to see our team completing the installation for a Sudscape domestic drive project:

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Our team have completed lots of installation for porous stone surfaces in domestic and public areas. These come in a range of natural coloured designs and offer a durable and long lasting finish for many outdoor spaces. You can completely customise the specification to suit your project and we’d be happy to offer you some more advice on the specifications we offer.

If you require any more information about the resin bound gravel specification feel free to contact our team. To receive costs and prices associated with installing Sudscape porous paving driveway surfaces please fill in our contact form and we will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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