Is it time we specify Sudscape Surfacing with all the Floods Recently?

The news has been dominated for weeks by the recent flood crisis. Is it time we specify Sudscape Surfacing with all the Floods Recently? Areas of the U.K have been submerged under water causing millions of pounds worth of damage and untold misery for those affected. The Environment agency has been criticised for failing to react quickly enough and this may or may not prove to be be the case but what does seem certain, is that is that more frequent extreme weather patterns are set to cause us problems.

The trouble is, that as a Nation, we have historically taken a reactive, rather than proactive, approach to water management. The 2008, Suds legislation has gone some way to address the problem but many town planners seem to think that impermeable surfacing and slot drains are a satisfactory solution to surface water run-off although, flooded areas in our towns and cities caused by clogged eco- drains would suggest otherwise.

Porous resin surfacing has recently emerged as an option but it still has drawbacks. As it, needs to be installed over an impermeable surface such as concrete or Tarmac. Eventually, the surface clogs as grit becomes trapped between the two surfaces. There is however, a resin system on the market which has been tested at BRE, who were featured on the BBC 6 o’clock news recently that uses recycled car tyres as a sub base.


The patented Sudscape surfacing system remains porous throughout its life time with little or no maintenance due to its unique, recycled tyre sub base which is installed over type 3 aggregate. As the surface is trafficked the slightly flexible rubber sub-base allows grit to agitate through the product maintaining porosity. This Results in impressive savings in maintenance costs for cash strapped local authorities.

Sudscape surfacing is so porous it is capable of managing rain fall 0f up to 50,000 litres per metre, per hour. Because of the use of recycled materials Sudscape surfacing attracts up to 9 Breeam credits when used in a scheme, attracting the attention of architects, surveyors and master builders

Specified for areas around the athletes village at the 2012 London Olympics by architect  John Wilder, of Mc Farlane Wilder associates, Sudscape numbers organisations including the NHS, British Heritage, The Royal ballet school, Toyota and Marston’s brewery amongst its satisfied clients. As Sudscape requires no planning permission it is also a practical and attractive choice for private home owners.

Sudscape Porous Paving Permeable Driveway Surface Installations

Sudscape Porous Paving Permeable Driveway Surface Installation

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