Pressure Cleaning Tennis Courts MUGA Surfaces

Pressure cleaning of the Tennis sports court is now a vital part of the Multi Use Games Area maintenance and could help prolong the life of the All Weather Pitch. The affected MUGAS may have become slippery or have mould & mildew on the playing surface. This may cause injury to the players.

The cleaning process of the sports surface starts with a rotary high pressure clean. This will be cleaning the tennis court whilst not damaging the top playing surface. The Ball court and Tennis Court will then be treated with a fungicidal wash and algae killer. The multi use games areas will then be a safer sports surface due to the dirt and grime being washed away.

The sports pitches will now be ready for the replacement of the game line marking. Most multi use games areas have multi sports lines installed like football, netball, basketball and tennis. This upgrade is an essential part of the process as it will restore the Tennis Court slip resistance and it will be a significant cosmetic improvement.

The re – colouring of the MUGA surface can be made using an acrylic coating, polyurethane finish or other sports line marking products. The price of the procedure is dependent on the size of the MUGA and specifications. Soft Surfaces are a contractor who can provide information regarding this cleaning process or colour coating.

Pressure Cleaning Tennis Court

Pressure Cleaning Tennis Courts

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