Wetpour Rubber Safety Surface

Many outdoor play areas now have colourful surfaces installed to provide safety and protection for the children. One of the most common specifications is the wetpour rubber safety surface which is available in a range of colour choices.

A ‘wetpour rubber’ surface is a blended mix of rubber granules bound together with a single part polyurethane resin. These materials will be mixed on site in a specialist mixer and laid on an existing suitable; or specially prepared base, to provide a smooth surface. It is most commonly installed as a two layer system with the wearing course usually being a nominal depth of 15mm, with the ‘shock pad’ base depth being variable to meet with the Critical Fall Height (CFH) requirements of any play equipment. A number of designs can be included with a wet pour playground to make the facility bright, colourful and exciting for the children.

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Rubber Surfacing Specifications

  • Our wetpour rubber surfacing is an in situ laid resin bound rubber crumb surface, and is tested to comply with BS : EN 1177
  • The base or shock pad layer is constructed from 2-6mm SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) rubber crumb, which is screeded to the appropriate depth and allowed to cure.
  • The wearing course is constructed from a 1-4mm EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber.

These qualities are ideal for providing safe, impact absorbing flooring for children’s play areas in many locations. We have completed installations for schools, nurseries and public facilities with a number of colourful designs. Many of our clients choose to have different graphics applied so that the kids can enjoy a range of activities while playing outside. These wetpour surface graphics can include numbers, letters, animals, hopscotch and many other fun designs.

Site Suitability

Wetpour rubber surfaces cure quite rapidly after mixing, so we must be able to get the mixing plant reasonably near (within 30 metres) to the area. As the binder pulls the moisture from the air, the curing times are dependent on the weather conditions but as a general rule of thumb it takes anything from 12-24 hours to cure, however we would advise a full 48 hours before final use.

If the existing sub base is of a ‘solid’ nature, i.e. concrete, tarmac, etc. then the rubber safety surface can be applied onto it. Wet-pour surfacing is porous so consideration should be given to site drainage and additional drainage holes can be prepared prior to the final wet-pour installation.

On existing grass / spoil sites, the area will require some simple ground preparation. This normally comprises of an excavation to reduce levels, then using a layer of well compacted MOT/DOT Type 1 stone. The area should have a retaining edging to the perimeter to ensure that the flooring material stays smooth and level.

Take a look at the video below to see our team installing wetpour rubber surfacing for a children’s playground in Lancashire. The safety flooring was installed to surround existing equipment so kids would be safe when climbing and running in the area.

Children’s Outdoor Playgrounds

Having a fun and exciting outdoor play space is great for children as it helps them to improve their physical and cognitive skills. The colourful wet pour surfaces can be installed with graphics which are used for many different activities. This could include things like hopscotch, number snakes, footsteps and roadways in a variety of sizes and designs. Many schools are now having these features added to the playground in order to tackle childhood inactivity and improve children’s fitness levels through outdoor play.

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