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Colour Coating Daily Mile Track are an amazing installation to the perimeter of your tarmac area.

The premium high durability paint PlastiRoute® and RollPlast® are the best solutions for any colour coating installations.

Some companies install polyurethane or acrylic coatings (with binder coat to aid the adhesion) but over the years we have this is not a tough enough application due to heavy footfall and hard-soled shoes being used.

The high durability paint colour coating is harder wearing, more vibrant and stands the test of time.

What is PlastiRoute RollPlast High Durability Paint?

The two-component PlastiRoute® RollPlast® is a liquid, rollable, solvent-free material that cures via peroxide initiator.

It is easily applied with paint rollers, and depending on the roller used it is possible to create a strong texture with superior skid resistance.

High Durability Rollplast Paint High Durability Rollplast Plastiroute Paint

PlastiRoute® RollPlast® can also be used in combination with thermoplastic markings daily mile symbols and can be made in a colour to fit your exact project.

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