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EPDM Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing Colour Options

EPDM wet pour rubber surfacing colour options are wide range because there is a dozen colour EPDM granules available. The cheapest option is a black surface and many schools with low budgets, grants and funding take this option simply because the quote they receive fits their finance.

The rubber chippings are able to have wetpour inserts installed into the surface which are preformed and purchased from who have a range of off the shelf graphics available like geometric shapes, hopscotches, animals, stars and logos.

EPDM wet pour rubber surfacing most common colours are red, blue and green however plenty of other are available such as yellow, purple, orange, eggshell, brown and biege. You can also mix a few together to create a blend which can have a nice affect to the eye and many look great like the fire blend, earth blend and flecked mix.

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