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Flooded All Weather Pitch Surface Examination

Sand filled sports pitches are common in the UK as many organisations have them installed as an alternative to natural grass surfacing, however without proper maintenance you can find yourself with a flooded all weather pitch surface. This problem needs to be sorted out as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to the synthetic carpet and to bring back the original playing qualities of the surface.

Why Do Synthetic Pitches Flood?

The sand filled or 3G artificial sports pitches are a great option for schools and clubs who can’t afford to spend a lot of time and money on maintaining a natural grass surface. However if the synthetic sports facility doesn’t get the right amount of proactive maintenance, you can end up with a flooded all weather pitch surface that is unusable.

These synthetic pitches often become flooded because of contamination within the sand or rubber infill layer which is installed to keep the grass fibres upright. The sand infill can become contaminated through a combination of things which lie on the surface including decaying organic matter (eg. leaves), fine sand and silt particles, wind-blown material and mud from nearby fields. These contaminants sit on the sand infill layer and block up the pores between the sand particles, this means that water is unable to drain through the pitch and does not get carried away by the underlying drainage system. Rain water is then left to build up on top of the synthetic pitch surface making it waterlogged and flooded so it can’t be used for training and matches.

Flooded All Weather Pitch Surface Testing

You can carry out tests on your flooded all weather pitch surface to find out if the sand infill is contaminated and has lead to the pores becoming blocked and holding water on the surface. These tests involve scraping samples of the sand from different areas of the sports pitch and carrying out a sand contamination test to assess whether dirty sand is the cause of the flooding.

Once we have collected the infill samples from the sand filled pitch surface, we put them into separate test tubes and mix them with a solution of water and dispersal agent and then shake the mixture up. When the sand sample and the dispersal agent have been properly mixed together, we leave the solution to settle for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, we measure the depth of the infill left at the bottom of the test tube, and then measure the depth of the contamination which should have settled on top of the layer of infill. When we have measured the amount of contamination present, this is expressed as a percentage of the total and pitches with a high percentage of contamination will need to have maintenance works applied. It is recommended that you have regular sampling carried out to your sand filled all weather pitch to keep track of any contamination and carry out maintenance as a preventative measure to prevent any problems from getting worse.

If the sports pitch drainage testing finds that your all weather surface is flooded due to contamination, we can carry out reactive maintenance to fix the problem and get your pitch back to its best condition. This maintenance could be a deep clean which involves picking the sand up with a machine, filtering all of the dirt out and putting the sand back down into the synthetic grass fibres. We can also carry out all weather surface rejuvenation which completely extracts the contaminated sand and replaces it with a fresh clean layer. Although these works can be carried out to a flooded all weather pitch surface, it’s important to do regular drag brushing to redistribute the sand particles and prevent and debris from getting stuck in the pores.

We have carried out countless maintenance jobs to fix flooded all weather pitch surface problems in the UK. If you get in touch with us and send us over some details of the issues you’re having the with pitch and the dimensions of the area, we’ll get back to you with a price quotation for the maintenance works. You can also visit us at to see all of the services we can offer in regards to synthetic pitch maintenance and the installation of new sports facilities.

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