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Lano Sports Interplay 40mm 3g Synthetic Turf

A 3G sports pitch surface that can play both FOOTBALL and HOCKEY on?? Really?? Yes that is what the Lano Sports Interplay 40mm 3G Synthetic Turf is designed for. An innovative 2 tone sports surface specification that has been tested to both FIFA 1* and FIH National. So why people will be asking can hockey and football both be played on this surface and the answer is pretty simple when explained. Over the years 3G surfaces have been designed for football and rugby with hockey surfaces always being a sand based specification which then is not ideal for football. Well this product is a 3G synthetic turf surface fine for both and it is because the design of the yarn is a curly shaped design in a multi directional specification to help keep the finished surface that bit faster for hockey.

Lano Sports 3G Turf Design

The multi directional lano sports interplay two tone yarn has great coverage making the all weather pitch look green as opposed to standard third generation surfacing which can look black because of the rubber infill installed. As it is designed in this way it helps the ball roll properties which was always limited for hockey and this is why this latest innovation is a great investment to schools, leisure centres and sports clubs because you have a synthetic grass pitch ideal for two sports. The lano sports interplay synthetic turf carpet costs are reasonable and for further details on the prices, q26 specification details and budget costs please fill in the contact form where we can assist you with your enquiry. The crimped monotape lano sport artificial yarn is 100% polyethylene and the colour of the carpet is light green and dark green. If impressed you have found a FIFA One Star product that also meets FIH National accreditations then please make sure you share this article onto google plus, twitter and linkedin.

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