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Long Jump Runway Free Facility Funding Q&A

Within the UK many schools’ athletics facilities are either non existent or in desperate need of upgrade, and because of this very reason many funding organisations are offering pots of money to improve these sports surfaces. The tricky part to this is that schools do not have the time or resources to do this so Soft Surfaces Ltd have made a brave move to assist all schools with sourcing funding, below are some answers to commonly asked questions about this scheme:

Is the Long Jump Runway Completely Free?

Yes, there will be no cost to your school for the installation of the long jump facility. You will have to pay the VAT for the project but as most schools are VAT registered, you should be able to claim this back. Soft Surfaces Ltd will assist your school in showing you where to apply for relevant funding, how to apply and give assistance all the way through until you get 100% funding for a brand new long jump facility.

Where is the Long Jump Runway Free Facility Funding Coming From?

We understand that the idea of a free facility worth thousands of pounds sounds too good to be true, however across the UK there are a huge selection of sports and health associations that are set on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for children and the next generation. We are lucky enough to be well acquainted with these various bodies, allowing us to offer such a great opportunity for Schools, Colleges and Communities across the country due to the funding that they have set aside.

How Do I know if We’re Eligible?

The main factor is whether or not the long jump runway free facility funding facility is going to help the community or the students within your school learn the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. To qualify we must be sure that the institution that you require the funding for will still be around in a few years’ time, this is to say that you have financial security ensuring that the benefit of the long jump facility will reach its full potential.

What Criteria Needs to be Met for My Application to be Successful?

  • Your project needs to have benefits for the wider community and not just to your school. This means allowing the facility to be used by the public, local clubs and other schools so it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.
  • There should be a strong message to promote healthy lifestyles and exercise for both children and adults through creating an opportunity for people to take part in athletics events.
  • You should be able to show evidence that the long jump runway installation is needed at your school. This could be because of a lack of adequate sports facilities in the local area, health inequalities, inactivity in young people etc.

What Do I Have To Do?

All we need from you is to send us over an order for the Long Jump Runway Free Facility Funding. We can send over the quote for your perusal and once you have discussed and decided to proceed with the job, you will send us over an order with the exact wording as follows: – “We accept to go ahead with the project at a value of “quote figure” – subject to receiving a grant for “quote figure”. The school will be paid the grant funding directly and Soft Surfaces Ltd will only be paid (by the school) once the facility is completed. We understand that there is no contract between ourselves and Soft Surfaces Ltd to go ahead with the works if the grant application is unsuccessful. We understand the bid does not include VAT however we are aware that VAT will be chargeable by Soft Surfaces Ltd”

What is the Process From Initial Enquiry to Having a Funded Long Jump Facility?

We have designed an infographic which shows the process from start to finish below so please take time to look through this and if you can share also that would be much appreciated.

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