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Maximising the Value of Play Equipment

It’s vital that schools, nurseries and other play facilities provide children with opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle and take part in a range of physical activities in an outdoor environment. Maximising the value of play equipment can sometimes be difficult for organisations with limited outdoor space or budget constraints which reduce the number of options for playground games and toys. For schools and nurseries who are struggling to find funds to improve their playgrounds, it’s important to make the most efficient use of any existing facilities. Even the most basic line-markings or outdoor equipment can be utilised in numerous ways to create lots of fun games and activities.

The Value of Play Equipment and Facilities

Regular access to outdoor play and activities has many benefits for children’s health as well as cognitive and emotional development. During their time in school and nursery, children need to have a recreational area where they can get fresh air and exercise by taking part in a number of sports and games with others. As each child has their own different strengths and preferences when it comes to playing and activity, the value of play equipment is increased by creating an area that suits as many children as possible. Providing opportunities for kids to participate in sports and games is important for physical fitness and the development of fundamental skills such as balance, coordination and strength. However, although it’s important for kids to stay active, some children prefer other activities like puzzles and word games which aid in cognitive development. Getting a balance between both of these is the best way to ensure that each child has equal opportunities to learn and choose what games they prefer. Allowing pupils to use their imagination with play equipment will help to generate more ideas for how to use your existing space, as well as benefiting their own thinking skills. Simple line-markings like squares and grids can be used for countless games and activities with imaginative play during lessons and in break times. Having an equipment box with accessories like blocks, balls, cardboard tubes, coloured fabrics, wooden planks and whatever else you can think of can encourage kids to make up their own games. This creates a lower budget, simple alternative for organisations that may not be able to afford complex outdoor facilities with fixed play equipment. If you do want to install specially designed outdoor facilities, there are a range of options to choose from depending on the kids who will be using the area. Some designs include trim trails, activity panels, sensory gardens, climbing frames, sports markings, surface graphics and numerous other features that can be added to your playground.

Play Area Design and Installation

Choosing the right design for your playground is vital in achieving the right features for your pupils, this will ensure that you have versatile equipment and that each child has something they can enjoy. Through creating a fun and educational outdoor environment, kids are encouraged to use their imagination, work as a team and develop fundamental skills, both physical and cognitive. Communication and cooperation between children can also be improved by the addition of certain games and activities where individuals have to work together to achieve goals. We can help you with all aspects of play area design and installation including safety surfacing, graphics, line markings and any equipment features you’d like to install. Please get in touch with us via our contact form if you’d like advice or help on designing a bespoke recreational area.

It’s extremely important to ensure you are maximising the value of play equipment at your school, nursery or play facility. This can not only save you time and money, but it also encourages children to use their imagination and come up with ideas that they may not have thought of before. Schools can also get help from specialist sport and activity coaches who come in to teach both the pupils and the staff about the best techniques to utilise outdoor space so as many children as possible can participate in different games. With this help, schools can become a lot more efficient at running the PE and activity provision, therefore ensuring that each child has an opportunity to succeed and be active through sport. For more information on making the most of your existing playground features and accessories, please leave a comment below or get in contact with us!

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