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MUGA Surfaces

Multi use games area surfaces are outdoor pitches that may be used for a range of sports and they are great because if your facility only has one surface, it allows multiple sports to be played. Multi-purpose areas are installed to meet a range of sport playing characteristics, such as football, tennis, netball and basketball.

MUGA Sports Facility Surfacing

It is hard to know what type of MUGA sports facility surfacing you should have installed if you haven’t had one before. All of the surfaces which we install provide fantastic sport quality for each activity. It just depends what type of sports you want to play on the surfacing. If your organisation wants the primary sport as netball, then macadam is the best surfacing, polymeric surfaces are great for tennis, basketball and netball, 2G surfaces are good for the majority of sports – football, tennis, basketball, netball and hockey and 3G surfaces are good for football and rugby.

All of these courts have porous all weather surfaces, it is popular and the majority of multisport surfaces that we install are floodlit and have rebound fences. MUGA rebound fencing is normally 3m in height but if you have a twin bar weldmesh, it may be installed to 5m high and this gives you an enclosed perimeter area. It is necessary to look after your MUGA sports facility surfacing so that your sports pitch stays in good condition.

In the video below, we install a multi-use games area in Multisport synthetic surfacing for a school in London. The construction was carried out onto a macadam sub base with a specialist shockpad for impact absorption. The needlepunch synthetic carpet was then laid out and secured with glue at the seams and edges. This type of MUGA surfacing is ideal for multi sports and activities including football, hockey, basketball and tennis.

Each multisport surface can vary in size, measurements and dimensions to meet each facility’s design specification. The most common pitch dimensions which we are asked to install are 38m x 18m or 35m x 17m, these measurements allow for the line markings to be installed onto the surface.

Multi use games area surfaces could be macadam and artificial surfaces such as polymeric rubber, needlepunch, 2G and 3G sport surfaces. Each MUGA court design specification will affect the prices and the costs of your MUGA court facility, so this is why planning is important so you can look at your budget and decide upon the amount that you can spend on the MUGA project.

MUGA Surface Types

There are a number of MUGA surface types that you can choose from when installing a multi-use games area. Our team can carry out various installations to meet your requirements. Our team can offer you information regarding the advantages of the various surfaces and will provide details on what would be best for the sports you wish to play. To receive professional advice regarding which surface to have installed, please get in touch using the contact form provided.

Macadam Multi Use Games Area

If you are looking to play sports like tennis, netball and basketball within your sport facility, you may want to think about installing a macadam multi use games area. The great thing about tarmacadam surfaces is that we can tailor them to meet your individual needs and requirements. We can install anti slip paint onto the tarmac once the construction is complete. This will make a unique facility that you can enjoy. We can paint the surface in a number of colours and apply line markings afterwards for the sports of your choice.

Macadam surfaces are also permeable which means that water can drain through. This is perfect for a MUGA facility since the court can stay in use in all weather conditions. Macadam courts are generally cheaper than other surface types too. This is because we install them straight onto a compacted stone sub base.

Polymeric MUGA Surface

A number of people choose to have a porous polymeric MUGA surface installed for sport facilities as a hard court alternative to macadam. Polymeric is also a permeable surface type that can have a colour coating to meet your requirements. The polyurethane paint provides anti slip qualities which makes it safer for users to play on. Polymeric courts are also great for a number of sports including netball, tennis and basketball.

Multisport Synthetic Carpet

Needlepunch surfacing is another name for multisport synthetic carpet. This type of surface is perfect for primary schools as it comes in a range of bright, vibrant colours. It also offers impact absorbing properties to help enhance safety. We also refer to it as outdoor activity flooring as it’s great for children’s play facilities. The needlepunch carpet is suitable for a variety of different sports as well as athletics activities.

The multisport synthetic carpet has fibres within the surface which also helps to improve anti skid properties. If you would like more information on the multisport synthetic carpet, please get in touch using the enquiry form provided and we will respond at the earliest opportunity.

2G Sand Filled MUGA

We can install sand filled and sand dressed surfacing for sport facilities. Sand filled is used for MUGAs, since sand dressed is really only used for hockey. 2G sand filled MUGA facilities is suitable for a wide array of sports including hockey, football and tennis. Sand filled surfaces are like regular grass; however they offer porous properties. This is great for all weather MUGAs since the area will not get flooded and waterlogged in wet weather.

3G MUGA Pitch

The final option is for a 3G MUGA pitch install. This is an ideal choice for playing football and rugby. Just like the other surfaces we install, 3G synthetic sport surfacing is a permeable surface type that is suitable for all weather conditions. The water will drain through the surface easily meaning that the pitch will not be left flooded or waterlogged.

We can install line markings on the surface after installation for the sports you require. We’ll apply these line markings in a number of colours depending on your individual preferences. For details on costs of 3G MUGA pitch surfacing please complete the contact form provided. We will get back to you as soon as possible with prices for the work.

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We are able to discuss loads of designs and specifications for outdoor sports facilities. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions. One of our experts will also be happy to provide you with a quote for the costs of completing this work at your location. Please contact us via our enquiry form and we’ll send you over some more information with regards to multi use games area surfaces.

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