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Multi User Games Area Surfacing, Construction

Multi User Games Area is now a very common sporting facility due to its multipurpose sporting use and different sports surfaces that it can be designed and constructed with. MUGAs can be specified with 3 different sports surfaces – Porous Macadam, 3G Synthetic Artificial Grass and EPDM Polymeric Rubber. All of the ball court surfaces have different playing characteristics and are specified with different sports in mind – Polymeric Surface is perfect for Tennis, Porous Macadam is perfect for Basketball and 3G All Weather Grass is perfect for Football.

There is also no set dimension or size for these multi user games areas. They can be specified and constructed to meet most budgets, design and costs and can all have numerous game line coatings applied to suit different courts and sporting use. Premier Polymeric Rubber kickabout courts and Porous Macadam can also have HG4 & HG5 anti slip coatings applied to meet with sport governing body guidelines. Multi sport recreational areas are also designed to have Sports floodlights installed along with Super Rebound Sports Fencing. These can also be specified to suit most sporting facilities and to suit tight budgets and come in a variety of different heights and optional extras such as recess goals and basketball hoops.

Soft Surfaces Ltd can help you with the design and build of sports games areas. Call us on 01625 445760 or visit our website for further details on the specifications of the groundworks, construction sub base, surface lifespan and maintenance details.

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