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Nursery Playground Works

Soft Surfaces have been trading in the sport and play industry since 1997 and have extensive knowledge of nursery playground works in the UK.

Nursery Playground Explained

This video explains the different types of surfacing works that we have completed in nurseries around the country.

Please see transcript below:

00:00 Hi guys, it’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here and today we’ll be looking at the work that we can carry out for nursery playgrounds across the UK.

00:06 So here at Soft Surfaces our primary focus for nursery playgrounds are both education and safety for the children themselves. Surfaces are suited for earliest foundation stage and are available with many simple number and letter games for the children to be playing on.

00:18 The surface types that are available are mainly wet pour and rubber mulch as these kind of have the impact absorbing properties that you need to require the safety, but obviously we can do other surfaces. For example, we can do thermoplastic markings on the tarmacadam, but these don’t offer the same type of safety as things like wet pour and rubber mulch do.

00:33 For more information about these products please feel free to click on our other videos which explain these products in more detail.

00:38 Here at Soft Surfaces Ltd we have over 20 years experience of installing these soft surfaces and these safety surfaces in playgrounds and play areas across the UK. We really feel like we’re the company to go to if you’re looking to have this installed.

00:50 So for more information about our nursery playgrounds and how they can benefit kids and their education and make sure that they’re safe, please feel free to visit us at

For more information on the different nursery playground works we get involved with, from small areas of play area markings to larger rubberised safety surfaces, please get in touch today.

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