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Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

Whilst not in school, many believe that this signifies the point where children turn from keen learners to hard to control rebels. This isn’t always the case though. Pupils can still learn a lot of academic skills whilst out of lesson through a wide variety of different activities.

With many schools and nurseries lacking external facilities and play areas, children can suffer the negative consequences ranging from lower activity levels to a decrease in overall health. Just by the simple introduction of more outdoor learning activities for children, this risk is reduced. See our range of play area designs to learn more about what we can do.

Educational Play Areas

Dedicating certain areas for kids to play and learn can present huge benefits for both the school and the students. Sometimes, children will hate to be sat still for long periods of time which results in a lack of true concentration during the class. They become fixated on the clock and wait till their break time which stops them from fully learning and engaging with the lesson.

However, there are ways to teach kids and keep them focused. One of those methods is the introduction of educational play areas. As discussed in some of our previous blog posts, outdoor play can really benefit young people and so by giving kids an area in which is purposely built for fun and education, they will start to gain more benefits through the use of it.

Nursery Outdoor Learning

A really good alternative that not many schools use anymore is outdoor classrooms. This allows children to sit outside in the sun and breathe fresh air in whilst being able to fully concentrate on the teacher as they don’t find themselves being bored.

Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

At Soft Surfaces, we can help you design a great outdoor learning area that truly encourages kids to learn in a great environment. We are a recognised member of the Association of Play Industries (API) as we have designed numerous high-quality facilities for all different reasons.

This means that if you’re struggling with finding someone who can help you with your idea then look no further than us. We’ve had over 20 years of experience and know how to ensure you are fully satisfied with our services. Check out other options for Early Years facilities in this post for more details.

Children’s Educational Games

When it comes to creating things to keep kids educated and entertained, there is a wide variety of choices you can make with regards to this.

Flooring can play an incredibly important role as you can get specific designs done which engage the children even more than normal. Whether that design is a number grid, hopscotch, shapes; having more things to look at allows children to feel more entertained and comfortable in the area. By having this type of environment, they become more inspired and alert.

There are different types of safety flooring you can get as well. Each one is catered towards certain ideas you may have for your play area. These are:

  • Wetpour EPDM Rubber – Specialist safety surface, perfect for large play areas and specifically underneath equipment.
  • Bonded Rubber Mulch – Provides safety qualities for use next to equipment like trim trails and climbing frames, can be laid onto most existing areas.
  • Activity Flooring – Suitable for both recreational games and sports such as football, hockey and basketball. Find out more here.
  • Thermoplastic Markings – Can be applied on tarmac play surfaces to brighten up the facility.

Alongside the flooring, other things such as installing an outdoor chalkboard or whiteboard can prompt kids to become more creative and improve on certain linguistic skills. An easel table allows the same thing but in a more social setting as children can sit together and interact over their artistic creations and feelings.

Playhouses usually work well on these types of playgrounds. Role-playing real-life situations like post offices or doctors can encourage kids to learn about number work and communication skills whilst in a fun environment. The best bit about playhouses is that teachers can come up with their own creative situations and let the kids carry it out from there.

How Active Learning Can Help Children

Children who are active find it a lot easier to learn compared to those who just sit still and are forced to listen and be quiet. Young kids have short attention spans and would rather be outside playing than learning things that they have no interest in.

Through doing these activities, children can start to develop interests in certain subjects and therefore start performing a lot better in class when they are presented with that subject. This is due to them linking that subject to previous experiences, which would have been positive through active learning.

Not only this but whilst outside, children have more things to do and feel a sense of wonder and freedom. Through this, kids start to feel more excited and happier (in addition to the increase in vitamin D that they will receive) which means that they will feel a lot more positive towards the day ahead of them and will feel motivated to learn.

Overall, outdoor learning activities for children offer many benefits to everyone and by utilising them fully; schools can begin to see an increase in overall positivity towards classes and therefore academic results. It’s a shame that not many schools use this idea but that can change. As soon as people realise how important it is, everyone will start inquiring about them.

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