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Playground Furniture for Schools

There are many different types of playground furniture for schools that you could install to create a more functional outdoor space. Some examples can include seating areas, storage and bins to help keep the play area tidy.

Sometimes children want a break from running around and playing, so having somewhere to sit down and relax is important. You can find plenty of different design options and find the best ones to suit your school. Check out this post to find out more about inclusive designs for outdoor play areas and see which options are available.

Some of the most common items include:

  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Covered seating
  • Shelters
  • Storage boxes
  • Storytelling areas
  • Planters
  • Role play settings

Benefits of Furniture on the Playground

You can improve the function of your playground by adding different pieces of furniture and storage. A lot of the time schools will find pupils breaking certain rules by sitting in out of bounds areas like on walls or window ledges. A lot of the time this happens because the children simply don’t have anywhere else to sit.

By providing benches, chairs and tables you are encouraging the kids to sit in more appropriate places instead of finding anywhere they can. Many schools choose to have picnic benches where pupils can eat their lunch as well as other seating at various locations outside.

Another benefit is that storage equipment can ensure the outdoor space stays tidy and prevent things from getting lost as long as they are put away after use.

Outdoor Tables and Chairs

The most common material for outdoor tables and chairs is wood as this offers a natural appearance but it’s still long-lasting and durable. A range of sizes and shapes are available so you can choose products which suit your pupils the best.

Sometimes children don’t want to run around playing sport or using complex equipment and they would rather just sit and chat with friends. It’s important to offer these pupils a place to go when they want to relax at lunchtime or on their breaks.

There is also the option to create a storytelling area with one large chair for a teacher and several smaller chairs or stools for children to sit and listen. This creates a fun and engaging environment for younger children and helps give a sense of fantasy or adventure.

Equipment Storage for Play Areas

Another popular piece of playground furniture in schools is different types of storage. This can include bike racks, store cupboards, hollow benches, coat racks and many more handy items. Products like these help keep the play area in a tidy condition as toys and equipment can be put away at the end of break times or PE lessons.

You could also choose to have wooden planters which feature as part of lessons where children can plant and grow their own flowers or even vegetables. This is one way of making the outdoor area more interactive for the kids as well as being educational. Activities like these are also perfect for nursery children, so check out more of our nursery play activities to get some ideas.

You might also choose to have fencing installed around certain areas of the play facility. It could be around the whole area or maybe to separate parts with different playground equipment to keep certain things contained.

Several options are available including simple timber fencing or even multi-coloured fence posts to create a more exciting appearance.

Children’s Playground Furniture

There are a whole host of different products available if you are looking for children’s playground furniture. You could have a timber playhouse installed for a range of fun games both in lessons and play time, getting children’s imaginations working. Some schools even choose to have stages and performances areas set up to create and expressive arts play area.

The most popular products are usually benches and tables but there are plenty of other options available to suit what you need. These seating areas can also double up as storage to keep play equipment tidy. Outdoor shelters are also commonly installed so children have somewhere to go if the weather is a bit rainy or cold.

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