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PS15 Activity Surfacing and Floor Markings

Sport England offers primary spaces funding for the installation of PS15 activity surfacing and floor markings for a number of primary schools throughout the UK. This funding is designed to help primary schools with limited space to install a fun new games surface with brightly coloured markings which engage the children.

PS15 Activity Surfacing and Floor Markings Specification

The surface specification for the PS15 activity surfacing and floor markings is a synthetic polymeric material which is applied to the existing play area surface, the polymeric games space floor markings can be installed in a range of colours to suit the requirements of each project. The dimensions and area size of the PS15 activity surfacing and floor markings can vary and are subject to the available space of the school’s existing playground surface. Once the installation process is complete the finished activity space will have a smooth and professional looking finish which provides a fun games area for kids to enjoy and engage with.

Activity Surface Installation

The installation process for the Sport England PS15 activity surfacing and floor markings is usually carried out onto an existing macadam base. It’s important that the macadam surfacing is thoroughly cleaned and free from any debris before the games space flooring is installed, this is to ensure a smooth and even finish for the primary school play facility. When the polymeric activity surface is applied, areas of different colours will be installed cleanly and with straight or curved lines at the junction between them. However in some areas of the PS15 activity surfacing and floor markings, the area where two different colours meet will be covered by 50mm wide white paint line markings which disguise the join between the colours. These painted line markings provide anti slip qualities and must be allowed to dry overnight before the activity area is used by children.

The Primary Spaces funding for this PS15 activity surfacing and floor markings has been offered to primary schools with young children who do not have an adequate outdoor recreational area or games space to play on due to lack of available space. This specification of activity surface will provide a fun and exciting environment with bright colours and games for the kids to enjoy at schools where the funding applications have been successful. If you would like more information about the PS15 activity surface specification, please fill in the contact form on the right of this page and we will get back to you with some professional advice regarding pricing and installation.

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