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Reactive Maintenance on Synthetic Turf Sports Pitches

Synthetic Turf Pitches or STP & Artificial Turf Pitches or ATP need ongoing maintenance to ensure that the performance is always acceptable and the surfacing remains up to finished standards. Reactive maintenance is regrettably a common procedure within sports sector. Reactive means that the maintenance of the surface is being done after the event of damage or general wear and tear.

Pro active sports surfacing maintenance means that the surfacing maintenance is ongoing and the surface has a much better change of withstanding its life time and ultimately, in a much cheaper fashion. There are many forms on reactive & proactive maintenance. Algal squidge / algal treatment, sand infill cleaning & replacement, regular inspections, joint repairs and checks and de compaction of the sand infill and checking for foreign objects which can damage the surfacing and participant.

Astroturf synthetic artificial all weather man made grass surfacing is specified, designed and constructed to withstand many hours of use and testing of the surface may also be a reactive / proactive maintenance tool. If the facility is to be rated by a governing body (IE FIFA 1*), then regular maintenance packages may be an option to consider, especially as STP pitches can be designed, constructed and specified to suit many different dimensions, sizes, budgets and locations such as parks, playgrounds, schools and sports clubs.

Soft Surfaces Ltd are a sports sector company who specialise in the construction and maintenance of the pitches/surfaces. Please speak to one of our experts by filling in the contact form and we’ll get back to you with some further information on costs.

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