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Is there an alternative to grit salt as it makes the school entrance carpet very dirty ? Yes, Soft Surfaces liquid de-icer is ideal for areas in-front of access doorways and in playgrounds. It is safe to use on wet-pour and our Rhino Mulch surfacing. Grit salt can be damaging to the safety school playground surfacing so is always advised to use deicer products.

The de icer is Spray applied over areas, leaves no nasty residue and is Biodegradable and non flammable. We do not know of any other deicer which is safe to use on Safety Surfacing. Buy your liquid surface de-icer now before the bad weather arrives because you dont want a slippery pathway for the children, kids and parents.

Schools, leisure centres and public areas have a duty of diligence to make sure they are trying everything possible to make the surfacing safe with people walking on the areas and the liquid de icer product is an ideal solution for this. Please call 01625445760 for costs, prices and quotes on these products or visit our website on for further details

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