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Schools Get Active With Outdoor Learning

We are helping schools get active through outdoor play and learning with a choice of fun and educational products. Having engaging spaces to play and run around is very important for children’s development. We aim to improve existing playgrounds at schools, nurseries and public parks. Our team complete work across the country in various locations.

Throughout the UK many schools and nurseries have a lack of external learning facilities and play areas. This has a negative impact on children’s activity levels and overall health. At Soft Surfaces Ltd we are looking to tackle this problem with our range of playground surfacing and equipment.

Outdoor Learning Areas

For children in early education, active learning and outdoor play are really important as they help with the development of vital skills. This includes fundamental physical, cognitive and communication skills which can all be learned through different activities. Playing outside also has many health benefits for children as it encourages them to stay active while enjoying a number of exciting games.

There is currently a shortage of good quality playground facilities in schools as many of these organisations don’t have the budget to build new ones or renovate their existing area. We supply and install play area solutions that are ideal for ensuring schools get active as they offer safety qualities as well as bespoke designs.

As a recognised member of the Association of Play Industries (API) we have designed and installed numerous high-quality facilities for sports, play and recreational activities. Click here to view a recent article published by API about getting kids more active in UK schools –

Playground Surfaces

You can choose between a few different flooring types and designs when it comes to recreational surfaces. We have a diverse range of products available, each of which has its own unique qualities. Lots of games can be played in these areas in order to improve fitness and social skills. The costs for each specification will vary, so please get in touch with us through the contact form to discuss a quote for your project.

Wetpour EPDM Rubber – This is a specialist safety surface that is perfect for use in large play areas and specifically underneath equipment. The wetpour flooring is made up of a two-tiered rubber system which cushions impact and prevents injuries when kids fall on it. A number of colour options and graphics are available, as well as plain black rubber to suit your preferences.

Bonded Rubber Mulch – This is made of recycled rubber shred which creates a more natural appearance. It also provides safety qualities for use next to equipment like trim trails and climbing frames. The rubberised mulch surfacing can be laid onto most existing areas including muddy patches which might be slippery.

Activity Flooring – A synthetic carpet surface that is available in a choice of bright colours and designs. This is suitable for both recreational games and sports such as football, hockey and basketball. We can also supply additional equipment like fencing and multi-active goal ends with the soft activity surfacing for a diverse set of uses.

Thermoplastic Markings – If you already have a tarmac play surface, thermoplastic markings can be applied to brighten up the facility. We supply these as pre-cut plastic shapes which we lay onto the macadam and apply with heat until they stick. Plenty of colourful designs are available so you can create a vibrant outdoor learning space with lots of fun games.

School Recreational Equipment

As well as colourful floor markings and graphics which promote children’s activity, you could also choose to install different pieces of equipment. We offer a range of features such as climbing frames, bridges, creativity tables, stepping logs and wooden cabins. These designs all help involve kids with playing outside and enjoying lots of fun activities.

Our team will look into your individual needs and requirements along with your spending budget to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Our team aim to get you the best value for money and will not be beaten on price for a like for like quote.

Active Play Features

We supply a variety of products that help schools get active through physical activities and games in the playground. Timber trim trails are popular as they contain different components which encourage fundamental movement like climbing, jumping, balancing and agility. These are crucial parts of learning through play that benefit children in the early years and beyond.

Other active play features such as jungle gyms, rope bridges and stepping stones are also available for promoting children’s fitness and activity. This outdoor play equipment has many benefits for health in the early years of learning and can encourage pupils to carry on being active into adult life.

Interactive equipment encourages children to develop their learning skills and take part in activities with others. This has many benefits with regards to making friends and being sociable as many of the games involve communication and teamwork. It can also support independent learning, which you can read more about in this post.

Things like building blocks are really helpful when it comes to group challenges. On the other hand, individuals can use the activity panels on the play area. There are also a number of role-play features such as pretend shops, boats and den making kits. These all allow kids to make up their own games using their imagination.

Outdoor Learning Activities

We can offer a number of outdoor learning activities to improve children’s participation. These also help involve them in a number of sports and athletics along with various skills and challenges. The activities we can install can range from play equipment, educational graphics and line-markings. See our range of sports facilities to find out more about the products we offer for this.

It is important to think about the various options available. This should help you get the best opportunities for the children within the school, nursery or play park. Many schools choose to have trim trails installed as these can help build strength and agility through climbing and balancing. Visit this post for more details on the benefits of trim trails for children.

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