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Resin Bonded Paving Contractors

As specialist resin bonded paving contractors we carry out projects all across the country; this product is massively popular due to durability of the surface. The product is made up from a resin stone aggregate that is bonded to the existing base surface through a scatter system. We offer a professional service to install this paving by applying resin to the base and scattering stone aggregate over the chosen area. It’s perfect for outdoor facilities such as pathways, driveways and patios as it’s durable and easy to maintain. If you are in need of a stone paving system which offer porous qualities, resin bound gravel is another specification which provides an alternative and allows water to drain away quickly.


Our team aim to offer the very best value for money and will not be beaten on price for a like for like quote. If you wish to speak to us regarding the various options available, please complete the contact form on this page and we’ll get back to you right away.

Resin Bonded Installers

We are professional resin-bonded installers that have been in the industry for a number of years. Our main aim is to ensure our clients are happy with the installation once it is completed; this is why we listen to your ideas and incorporate them within the design.

We want to make sure that not only does our client get the best possible facility for them, but also that we can keep them within their budget. The overall design of the product can be customised massively by the client to ensure that they receive the right colour and size of stone. The range of colours we have is huge; this also means that we can create unique designs for your driveways or pathways by mixing colours together. We believe our system is miles ahead of other, cheaper systems, and believe that the quality of product is second to none. The resin-bonded stone is extremely durable meaning that the product will survive long periods of time, ensuring that our customers get their money’s worth.

Resin Bonded Stone Builders

When having this type of gravel paving put down we highly recommend that you search around for the best resin-bonded stone builders. The quality of installers can vary massively and you shouldn’t have any work carried out by contractors that don’t have the proper certification and accreditation.  Installation and construction aren’t the only services that we provide for decorative outdoor flooring. We recommend to all of our clients that they take into account maintenance costs when setting aside their budget. As specialist resin-bonded paving contractors we strongly believe maintenance is essential in making sure you get the most from your resin-bonded stone system. For surfaces such as decorative pathway areas and commercial car parks.

As expert resin bonded stone builders, we could provide top quality installations at reasonable prices. Our professionals can install the stone surfacing for a number of different uses depending on your individual needs and requirements. If you’d like to contact our team regarding the installations we may carry out, please complete the enquiry form and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

How is Bonded Gravel Maintained?

Proactive cleaning and maintenance will not only keep the product in great condition, ensuring that it remains attractive but also greatly increases the product life of the system. We believe that it’s best to be proactive with your maintenance however our specialist resin-bonded stone builders also offer a reactive service that deals with any damages that you may already have. This helps to get the facility back to normal, ensuring that there are no chances of anyone injuring themselves or causing any damage to vehicles.

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Please make contact with us through the enquiry form on this page if you need any further advice regarding this outdoor surface system. We are experienced resin bonded paving contractors and would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect design at a price to suit you.

Resin Bonded Specialists

Our resin-bonded specialists have been in the industry for a long time now and have gained plenty of expert knowledge. The process we carry out is simple since we have so much experience. Firstly an appropriate sub base will need to be set up in the event that solid tarmac or concrete is not already down. We will then pour our the resin onto the desired area and scatter the stones across the surface. 

We can install this surface type for driveways, pathways and various other areas; however it is important that you are aware that this is a non-porous surface prior to getting the flooring installed. This means that water may begin to puddle the area and will not drain through the surface. 

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