Resin Bound Specification

A popular outdoor paving option is the resin bound specification which creates a porous stone surface that could be used in a number of areas including driveways and paths. This surface type is made by mixing stone aggregate with a specialist resin which creates a smooth and porous surface that is SUDS compliant for use in urban areas. Many different types of stone can be used in the NSB Q23 225 resin bound specification but popular choices are granite and bauxite. Typically resin bound gravel surfaces will be installed onto either a concrete or macadam base as these create the most stable foundations.


The surface design creates a single layered system which is hand applied and trowelled to leave a smooth and attractive finish. Having angular stones of different sizes means that the paving system is stable and durable along with being porous to let water drain through. This is a great feature for urban applications such as driveways and public paths as it means water is able to soak into the paving layer easily instead of sitting on top of the surface. Paths and walkways in school playgrounds are often surfaced in resin-bound gravel to create a durable and attractive outdoor area. These characteristics help to prevent flooding in built up city areas where a lot of roads and pavements are installed in non porous surface types.

Resin Bound Gravel Designs

We can create bespoke resin bound gravel designs for a variety of outdoor surfaces at commercial projects and domestic areas. Many clients choose to have natural looking stone to fit in with the appearance of the existing area; however we may also install the NBS Q23 225 proprietary resin-bound chippings specification with a range of bright colours for play area paths and recreational facilities. With this surface type it’s very easy to adapt the paving to many different shapes natural curves in the landscape you’re working with. This also makes it easy to install a range of colours, patterns and even logo designs for features at places like schools, clubs and commercial business.

The smooth finish of resin-bound gravel designs make them compatible for use with vehicles on access roads and car parks, as well as wheelchairs and prams on public pathways. There are not a lot of maintenance requirements with resin-bound gravel so it’s relatively easy to keep it clean and looking its best. Occasional sweeping and washing should be done to remove any dirt and prevent debris from falling onto the surface and blocking the pores. Once installed, the resin-bound specification is a durable and hardwearing paving option which is resistant against damage from both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

We design and install a range of resin-bound stone paving options for projects throughout the UK so please contact us if you have any questions or you’d like a quote for this work. Our experienced installers have completed installations for various designs and area sizes so don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form and get in touch with us!

Resin Bound Surface Spec

A number of different natural stones are accessible for resin-bound stone paving. The permeable flooring is created by enclosing natural stone gravel with a polyurethane resin, which presents a level, hard wearing and appealing surface. Resin-bound stone is low maintenance and it is resistant to cracking. It is good for the resin-bound stone paving to possess a tarmacadam sub base, since this is SUDS compliant allowing the water can drain through without difficulty, considering that the surface is permeable. Resin-bound gravel is perfect for a number of different functions. Wheelchairs and push chairs can move without difficulty over the surface because of the smooth texture; the porous properties of the floor also help to avoid flooding.


We can help you choose the best resin bound surface spec for your driveway or patio. We will look into your individual needs and requirements to help you decide what would be the best product to have installed, since there are a number of types of resin-bound surfaces we offer. If you would like to find out about the specifications that are available, please don’t worry about contacting our team. 

Resin Bound Products

There are many resin bound products that can be installed depending on your individual requests. Some products are thicker than the others and have different advantages. One of the most popular products we can install is Sudscape. This is a thicker system than standard resin-bound and may be laid in a number of colours. Similar to Sudscape, Addagrip is another system we can install. Addagrip Terrabase is not as thick as Sudscape, but it is laid thicker than standard resin to add extra durability.

Addagrip and Sudscape are often chosen rather than standard resin, because less preparation work is needed. These products could be laid on stone surfaces as well as concrete and tarmac, whereas resin-bound can be installed only on solid tarmac or concrete. 

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