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We specialise in a variety of rubber mulch services for outdoor playgrounds and recreational areas at schools, nurseries and parks in the UK. This particular rubber safety surface is ideal for use in muddy playgrounds or around timber activity trails as it provides a natural looking flooring option which still protects kids from injuries when using play equipment.

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Some rubber mulch services we provide include installation, maintenance and repair of the specialist safety surfacing. Many schools and nurseries choose this type of bonded rubber surfacing as a solution to natural grass areas which become muddy and unsafe in wet conditions.

The rubber shred specification creates a porous and durable play surface which still has a rustic appearance to fit in with existing natural grass areas. We can install this playground flooring in a number of colours and designs so the costs for each project vary, contact us today through our quick enquiry form to speak to us about a quote.

What is Rubber Mulch Flooring?

Bonded rubber bark surfaces are made by using reused truck tyres, and are frequently put down for play areas. The rubber is crumbled to generate small pieces that have a similar overall look of wooden shred.

The rubber chips will then be stuck together with each other and placed in-situ, developing a simple, permeable, comfortable play area surface. This is often ideal for kids’ play facilities, as well as pathways and walkways in public places.

The rubber mulch surfacing can be laid in various depths to suit the characteristics needed. The required level relies on the CFH conditions of any equipment in the recreation space. This follows British test guidelines to ensure the highest level of health and safety for the kids.

Play area rubber bark is extremely common close to trim trails and climbing structures in Britain. It produces a natural look which fits in with woodland styled places, combined with making the flooring impact absorbing.

How is Rubber Mulch Constructed?

We can easily install the bonded play mulch upon surfacing like mud and tarmac as it’s particularly adaptable. Rubber mulch construction is quite simple since it can be laid onto most surfaces without the need for groundworks. It’s perfect for any play areas that have dirty patches that are unsafe in wet weather.

The flexibility of this surface usually means it could be perfect on spaces with apparatus already present. Without any groundworks needed the costs with this system are budget-friendly and economical. We will be able to offer you an inexpensive quote to perform this type of job. Our team work at various locations in the UK including:

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Residential gardens
  • Parks
  • Public facilities

We offer many different colour options for playground rubber bark. The most common colours are brown and green simply because they are typically manufactured for woodland areas. We can easily blend the green and red rubber chippings to develop a more intriguing specification if you prefer. You can easily make a custom design that suits your price range.

Rubber Mulch DIY Kits

The surfacing calls for low maintenance, however routine brushing is recommended to keep it clear of any litter. This allows you to stop contaminants getting into the surfacing; this is a good idea since litter and dirt might contaminate the surface and bring about puddles. It’s important to keep the area as clean as it can be to make certain it’s still safe for those who are making use of it.


In the event of any rips and tears in the surface, we can offer a rubber mulch repair kit that allows you to fix the minor damages yourself. By purchasing a DIY kit you are able to reduce costs and deal with the problem easily. We recommend you fix any damages as soon as possible to ensure no further problems occur. If you do not deal with the rips and tears straight away, children could be at risk of falling and hurting themselves.

How much does Rubber Mulch Cost?

There are a number of things which can implement the rubber mulch costs. When thinking about your spending budget, you will have to consider the size of your area you would like the mulch and how much prep work it will need. Since we can install mulch on most surfaces, it is often cheaper than other surfacing options. The price will be cheaper for smaller areas, however you will find the cost per mwill be more expensive due to the economies of scale. 

Our team try to keep our prices as low as possible. However we may not be the cheapest out there since we only make use of premium materials to ensure you receive lasting installations at a great standard. 

Installing Bonded Play Bark

The installation process for bonded mulch involves mixing the loose rubber chippings together with a resin and then laying the mixture out onto the existing surface. Once the flooring has been left to cure, the end result is a durable and attractive playground safety surface which can be used in conjunction with a range of outdoor play equipment and activity trails.

It is important to be aware that heavy usage of rubber mulch surfaces can sometimes result in flaking of the material. However, unless mechanical means are used to remove parts of the surface, the integrity will be maintained for fall height considerations.

We would recommend carrying out routine checks of areas which get the heaviest use so that you can apply maintenance if necessary. If the top layer of rubber shred material does become worn away, our team can apply a new application on top to ensure the flooring still meets safety requirements.

Rubber Mulch Service Contractor

As a specialist rubber mulch service contractor we only use the best materials and specifications for our playground surfacing to ensure it’s the best and safest option for the children using the play area. All the rubber surface types we install are tested following the methods described in BS EN 1177 safety standards and Critical Fall Height ratings to protect kids when using outdoor play equipment like slides and climbing frames.

Play Surface Maintenance

Although this safety surfacing is very strong and durable, over time it can suffer damage through heavy use by the children. So it’s important to have regular maintenance to keep the playground flooring and the best possible condition. We can do maintenance and repairs as part of our playground mulch services to fix any damage.

It also helps to keep the area clean and free from debris like leaves and litter. For more information on maintenance of different types of play area surfaces, please click here.


We install different designs of mulch safety surfaces for projects throughout the UK. This video below shows the full installation process for a park in Bristol which needed to maintain its natural appearance, but still required a specialist safety surface for kids playing in the area:

Rubber Bark Running Track

The Daily Mile is a plan which motivates youngsters to complete a mile of physical exercise each day. The children can decide to walk, run or jog the distance around a specific outdoor space at the primary school. The scheme is to encourage greater physical fitness in kids while they are at school. Bonded rubber bark is a great surface for walking and running tracks in schools. We can install it onto existing grass areas. This means you could have the mulch applied around the perimeter of a grass sports pitch.

Getting children physically fit early on in life is an important strategy to aid the prevention of health problems. Walking The Daily Mile is really an additional sports activity that isn’t provided with the obligatory PE curriculum. The Daily Mile plan relates to boosting the social and physical well being of the pupils in primary schools.

Beginning Daily Mile with you school requires zero costs and it is really easy to implement. Parents and teachers can also take part in The Daily Mile along with the young children to further improve overall health and fitness levels throughout the community. As The Daily Mile is such a simple activity, it’s actually available to pupils of any age and personal background.

Improving Health and Activity

Primary schools who’ve been taking part in The Daily Mile have already seen much better fitness levels. There is also an improvement in children’s concentration levels through the day. For that reason, because the Daily Mile participants have better levels of concentration; this will also assist with studying and giving pupils good chances to succeed in their lives. Just about all academic organisations such as playgroups and schools can take part. There are no limits to any kind of age range.


Because of the idea being so simple, The Daily Mile is now extremely popular with many UK schools. The run is usually carried out in 15 minutes at a teacher’s chosen time. School pupils can enjoy the benefits of being active in an outdoor environment and playing with others.

The school will not have to invest extra cash on any kind of specific apparatus to take part. It is simply running or walking around a big open space. Every single child who participates will be successful whatever their time without obstacles for skill or age group.

Green Rubber Mulch Surface

The walk will not be a physical fitness assessment, as it’s not a part of the PE program throughout schools. It is simply to offer pupils enhanced health along with social skills. Through participating in the mile on a daily basis in school, children and parents will see improvements in health.

Taking more of an interest throughout academic lessons provides greater educational benefits. The Daily Mile delivers the children and teachers a stress-free atmosphere. With this, they can be physically active and have fun while outside.

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You can use our contact form to send us your details including an area size and location of the project. A member of our experienced team will be able to advise you on the best specification for your play area. They can also supply a price estimate to carry out the work.


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