Rubber Mulch Costs

As specialist playground surfacing installers, we understand the importance and the difficulty of managing rubber mulch costs when it comes to designing an outdoor play facility. Operating on a tight budget and striving to maintain financial efficiency while improving facilities like playgrounds and gardens can be complicated.

Years of experience and knowledge has allowed us to develop customised pricing criteria to meet and satisfy needs and wants of our customers at the best cost, matching high quality with best value for money.


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UV Sustainable Mulch Cost

Our UV sustainable high quality rubber shred is sourced from approved suppliers. This means that it’s not only a high quality product but it’s also good value for money. Therefore its durability and seamless finish justifies the budget spend. The rubber mulch playground surfacing specification is made using rubber shred which is bound together with resin to form a flexible safety surface.

It is a common choice for outdoor play areas, pathways, gardens and activity features. It provides a natural appearance with added safety qualities to protect children from trips and falls. The rubber mulch costs for each project will be different. We’ll need to consider a number of factors prior to completing the installation. For more information on UV sustainable mulch cost, make sure to get in touch.

Cost for Playground Rubber Mulch

The cost for playground rubber mulch can vary depending on a number of variables which means our quote for each project will be different. Factors such as area size, site conditions, location and the design for your surfacing will all have an effect on the costs. Every design and project requires different pricing approach so we tailor this for each client we deal with:

  • Firstly we would discuss the design with our customer to assess what they’re looking for. We’ll then come up with the best specification for their project in terms of colours, appearance and functionality.
  • Secondly we would adapt our services to the proposed budget. We’ll ensure that the designs meet the client’s requirements and that the quote is within the desired price range.
  • Thirdly maximise the organisation’s resources to install the rubber shred play area they desire in the most efficient. We do this by making the best use of their existing facilities and keeping mulch costs down.

Bonded Play Bark Installation

The process of rubber mulch construction can vary for every project but our team will come up with the right specification for you. Installing the bonded play bark is a great way of enhancing the look and safety of an existing play area as it can be installed to muddy natural grass surfaces to cover any slippery patches where kids are running around and using play equipment.

We can create a design which fits with any playground features you already have, such as timber activity trails, climbing areas and swing sets, and our services are tailored towards each individual budget and requirements to help you manage costs.

Our team have worked with many different clients including schools, nurseries and clubs. We have developed a wide range of experience and can share our knowledge to help you decide on what would be best for your play area or pathway surface.

Rubber Mulch Prices

As a professional company in the UK, we aim to offer the best rubber mulch prices around. Our team will offer top quality products at reasonable prices and we shall not be beaten for a like for like quote. Although there may be cheaper contractors out there, they might not have the same experience as we do. They also may not make use of the same quality materials.

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The design of the product gives longer lasting strength and durability. This means that the mulch prices are more cost effective. For areas that are used by young kids, the surface supplies a durable and resilient option.

The soft spongy components allow for greater comfort and safety when running and playing across the surfacing. It’s ideal for nursery play facilities to protect the children. The flooring is perfect as an impact absorbent type surrounding recreational equipment. What’s more, it creates a good looking and decorative option for public parks and walkways.

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