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Rubber Mulch Surfacing

We can install a range of playground safety flooring including rubber mulch surfacing which absorbs impact and protects kids while they enjoy outdoor play. This natural looking specification is made from rubber shred which is bound together using a specially designed resin to hold it in place as a solid surface. The rubber mulch surfacing is ideal for natural grass play areas which become muddy or slippery in wet weather as the rubber can be installed over the top to provide a safer playground area.


Rubber mulch surfacing can be installed on top of most existing surfaces and provides a rustic looking feel for natural themed play areas, trim trails and timber activity areas. You can choose from a range of natural colour options such as browns and greens, or go for a brighter look with colour mixed designs so you can have a completely bespoke outdoor surface for your nursery, school, park or other facility. Once installed, this specification of recreational surface is durable and does not require a lot of maintenance so your play area will maintain its original qualities for a long time. To discuss costs and prices for a rhino mulch play surface, please use our quick enquiry form to send us over your details so one of our experts can get back to you.

Rubber Mulch Playground Surface

The materials we use when installing a rubber mulch playground surface are all thoroughly tested to ensure good quality and safety for the children using the area. The shredded mulch surfacing specification meets the requirements set out by BS EN 1177 safety standards so you can be sure that you’re getting a safe play area facility that will protect kids against injury whilst playing outside. Critical Fall Height ratings are also achieved by this specification which means it can be used with a range of outdoor play equipment such as slides, swings and climbing frames.

Damage and Maintenance

Although this rubber play bark is installed as a durable play surface, it is possible for some of the material to flake off over time, particularly in heavy use areas. This can happen when children are continuously running and jumping on the same part of the flooring. However this is unlikely to cause any problems with safety, and the surface will still retain its integrity with regards to Critical Fall Height. If the top layer does start to wear away a lot, we can put down a new application of mulch to combat this and restore the original quality. Regular maintenance is still advised in order to prevent serious damage and keep the playground flooring in its best possible condition. We also supply a bonded mulch repair kit so you can complete localised repairs yourself.

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It is recommended to carry out regular inspections to ensure there is no damage on the area. If you see any damages on the area, you will need to get this sorted at the earliest opportunity in order to avoid any further issues. Be sure to contact us if you think there might be a problem with your play surface and we’d be happy to offer some professional advice.

Shredded Rubber Mulch

When installing a shredded rubber playground surface it’s important to use a contractor who specialise in the installation of recreational safety surfaces and have previous experience and project case studies. This will ensure the best end result and the most reliable and long lasting play surface. We have years of experience in the sport and play industry and have many examples of our previously completed projects at schools, nurseries and public recreational facilities. This video shows one of our recent projects where we installed rubber shred safety surfacing at a playground in London:

What is Rubber Mulch?

Rubber mulch is produced using reused truck tyres, and are also frequently installed for playgrounds. The truck tyres are crumbled to produce rubber shred, very similar to the visual appearance of solid wood bark pieces. These are then mixed with a specialist glue and installed onto the floor with the requested specification. This mixture is commonly applied in children’s recreational areas, in addition to pathways and walking lanes in public areas.

Just like wetpour, our bound rubberised mulch is installed in many different depths. The thickness of the surface depends upon the Critical Fall Height of your playground equipment. This is done through British safety standards to create the highest level of health and safety for youngsters. Different features like play structures and climbing frames will often have the play bark flooring laid around them. The surface provides a purely natural look to complement an existing woodland place, and also offers the needed safety properties.

Rhino Mulch Colours

Our high grade bonded mulch play area specification is supplied in a variety of different colour options. The most common colours are brown and green for the reason that these are often intended for rustic spaces. For those who want a more diverse appearance, the colours may be blended to present a far more varied look. The design and style is entirely customisable to match your price range as well as the overall look you need.

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Please contact us through our enquiry form if you’d like to ask us any questions on rubber mulch surfacing and we’ll get back to you with detailed product sheets and case studies of our completed work. We can also supply you with an estimate of costs for a project if you’re looking to install a playground safety surface at your organisation. Our team are here to answer any questions you might have about prices and specifications so don’t hesitate to ask. Make sure you send us over the post code and an area size for the surfacing and we’ll come back to you with a price for the work along with some advice to help you with choosing a design for your outdoor area.

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