The Sudscape resin bound stone paving is a decorative surface which is perfect for both domestic and commercial areas. We offer a number of designs for residential driveways, public paths, car parks and other outdoor spaces. This outdoor flooring type is designed to improve natural water drainage in urban areas due to its permeable qualities. Its specification is similar to that of traditional resin gravel surfaces; however it uses a unique sub base which contains stones, rubber and binder.

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Sudscape is a premium system which can be installed on a number of surfaces; the recommended sub base for Sudscape is compacted MOT type 1 stone. Our expert installers can complete the entire installation process including preparation works if required. We aim to offer competitive prices on our Sudscape surfacing and only install premium materials.

Two Layered Paving Specification

Sudscape flooring is a porous surface which allows water to pass through; making the floor Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) certified. Unlike other types of resin bound gravel paving, Sudscape is made up of a two layered system. The sub base layer combines stones, rubber crumb and binder to create a flexible and porous foundation which is laid at 30mm. On top of this, an application of resin bound gravel will be put down as a 20mm wearing course. The top layer is available in a number of colour choices, making for a completely bespoke end result.

Due to its flexibility and 50mm total depth, this system can be installed onto existing stone surfaces as well as rough tarmac or concrete. Standard resin bound stone paving can only be laid onto completely smooth tarmac and concrete, meaning this is not always possible for clients. The Sudscape specification is perfect for those areas where it is not cost effective to install a layer of tarmac as a sub base. Feel free to speak with one of our experts if you’d like some information on costs for installing this type of porous outdoor surfacing.

Sudscape Permeable Paving

Sudscape is SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainage System) certified, because it’s a porous area that enables water flow through easily. The Sudscape permeable paving remains porous throughout its life span with minimum prep work needed for the sub base that is set up over type three aggregate. Since the sub-base features rubber in, it tends to make it more adjustable for grit to progress within the base and makes certain that the porous characteristics won’t be altered.

Make sure you use angled aggregates which can be a variety of shapes, because this will help them all to fit in effectively and will make it porous. When the water is actually simply being filtered throughout the gaps, some fluids is displaced; the benefit of it is it will prevent it over flowing drains. The movement of rain water is delayed on account of the rubberised sub-base, this helps to get rid of the kinetic push due to rainwater which in turn reduces sub strata break down.

Specification of Sudscape

The 30mm level of rubber and stones are usually blended with a binder which create the sub-base. A wearing layer is 20mm of resin aggregates. The sudscape paving makes a successful complete which is strong, strong and permeable. Sudscape permeable resin bound gravel can be found in a several colours and also requirements. Using resin bound stone is fantastic since it permits you to use your imagination on your structure. One other good thing about it, is you do not require to request for planning approval because it’s a porous floor.

This is safe for the environment also as re-cycled rubber is used inside the sub base. Every bit of sudscape paving is SuDS compliant, whilst resin bound gravel is only porous on the wearing layer. One of the primary benefits associated with sudscape surfaces, is it will deal with the rain much better. A sudscape flooring additionally increases water level of quality due to the fact simply no oils are being used in it and assists to preserve and also improve the environment, and also health and safety.

Porous Stone Flooring

Due to both the base course and wearing course being completely permeable, Sudscape is able to absorb 50,000 litres of water per m2 per hour. This is a fantastic quality which helps to reduce surface water and flooring in urban areas. For this reason, many private and commercial clients employ the flooring as a sustainable water management system. It’s also easy and cost effective to maintain as only light brushing and occasional jet washing is required to remove debris from the area.


For the wearing course it is best to use angular stones which are a range of sizes, simply because this allows them all to accommodate nicely and makes the surface permeable. Some of the water is absorbed and misplaced while the rest is simply being filtered through, a result of air pockets in the surfacing. This approach then prevents the rain water from streaming directly into low lying urban areas and therefore stops them overflowing and flooding.

Simply because the sub base contains rubber from recycled tyres, this slows the fluid’s movement as well as helps prevent sub strata deterioration. The use of recycled tyre material also reduces environmental impact, contributing even more to the eco-friendly qualities.

Coloured Sudscape Designs

The combination of 30mm rubber and stone mix sub-base with a 20mm resin bound natural stone wearing system makes Sudscape a premium paving product. This unique design results in a top quality finish and it’s durable, sturdy and porous to aid drainage. You can choose from a wide range of colour choices with plenty of natural aggregates available.

The decorative specification is ideal for domestic driveways, garden patios, walkways, public paths and commercial areas. Since Sudscape is an outstanding outdoor flooring product, it has been utilized in some of the surfaces within the London Olympics along with the Royal Ballet School.

In this video you can see a project we carried out for a domestic driveway surface. Have a look at it to see the complete process from start to finish:

SuDS Compliant Surfacing

One additional benefit of this surface type is it complies with SuDS due its porous nature and efficient drainage qualities. You won’t require planning permission to extend a driveway using this surface since it is a permeable floor. The resin gravel surface sub-base is even created using recycled tyre shred that makes the area eco-friendly.

Seeing that the complete paving is SuDS certified it is different to several other kinds of surfaces for instance basic resin bound paving, as alternative surface types assure porosity on the top coating only. This also improves water quality simply because the Sudscape flooring doesn’t contain any oils. This means it reduces damage to the natural environment and has better health and safety qualities than other types of paving.

Costs for installing Sudscape porous paving will depend on the area size, site conditions and design you choose. Please speak with one of our experts by filling in the contact form if you would like a quote for the installation of this stone flooring. We would be happy to talk you through the whole process and supply some case studies of previous work out team have completed.

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