Wet Pour Specification

Wetpour surfaces are popular at a range of facilities within the UK, they are normally installed for playgrounds, schools, nurseries and parks but they are also installed at golf clubs, pubs and retirement homes. They are becoming very popular because they meet the safety requirements. They also require low maintenance, are durable and porous, and are suitable for all weather. The surface is also available in various colours and designs. A wet pour specification can be varied for each installation but normally for play areas and parks we use the same design.

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Our main aim is to make certain our team are happy with the installations we offer. Since this is our main goal, we offer a number of specifications to meet your individual needs. We can also alter our designs and specs to meet your requirements, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Impact Absorbing Flooring

Wet pour safety surfaces consist of a two layer system; this includes the base layer and the top wearing course layer. The base layer is made up of 100% recycled styrene butadiene rubber crumb granules that we mix with a binder. This is normally 2-6mm thick but it can vary to meet the CFH (Critical Fall Height) which is needed.

When the shock pad installation is complete, the next step of the wet pour specification is to install the wearing course. This is commonly 1-4mm EPDM rubber that we mix with the polyurethane resin and pour onto the shock pad. The wearing course is available in a range of wet pour colours, such as black, red, green, blue, purple, teal and a whole load more.

Feel free to get in touch with our team today if you have any questions about this specification. We would be happy to talk about this more and look at your budget so we can offer an affordable price. Please fill in our contact form with the details of your project and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Wetpour NBS Specifications

Wetpour NBS specifications stands for national building specifications, this is what we look at when designing how your rubber safety surface should be and making sure that we meet all the necessary safety requirements. The rubber crumb specification can vary on a range of things, this is because if it is for a playground, we have to measure the CFH of the playground equipment and we also have to see what the existing area is like and see what condition that is in.

Another great thing about these surfaces is that graphics can be installed with them as well; this is a fantastic way to brighten up the safety surface and make your facility. There is a large range of wetpour graphics and they can be fun as well as educational. The graphics give you the option to make your playground how you want it to look.

We can help design wetpour NBS specifications; the materials that we install will also have a range of benefits. The different design specifications you choose will affect the overall costs; this is because there are a range of variables when designing your facility. The depth of the flooring and the EPDM rubberized crumb colour also can make it a more expensive project but we always try and meet each client’s budget as best as we can.

Soft Play Surfacing Designs

There are plenty of designs to choose from when installing wet pour rubber surfacing. We are able to supply a number of different graphics inserts which allow kids to play loads of activities. These can include numbers, letters, animals, targets, clocks and many other options which are both fun and educational. You can choose a unique design to suit your school or nursery, with lots of vibrant colours and shapes available.


This video shows and installation project that we carried out in Manchester. The play area had existing equipment which needed a safety surface so we installed the wet pour specification in a brightly coloured design with graphics to go with the activity structures. Installing the impact absorbing surfacing not only made the facility more safe, it also added a fun aspect with exciting games for the children to play.

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As expert contractors we have completed numerous projects across the UK. We frequently work with schools, nurseries and public facilities to create engaging and safe play area designs. The rubber flooring specification is ideal for these different outdoor areas. It comes with many options so every client can choose exactly what they want. Our team have been working for many years and we are market leaders in the recreational play industry. We could also supply a wetpour repair kit if you have small areas of damage on an existing area that you would like to fix yourself.

It is necessary for organisations to keep all aspects of design in their mind when choosing the product they want installed. This means that they will get the safety surface that they want for a price which they can afford. Please use our contact form to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the wet pour specification. If you need a quote for installing a playground at your organisation we can help with this too.

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